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I think I needed a hug...

Gaul was becoming very excited. Growling at certain dragons and smashing up against their heads or sides. The other dragons responded by roaring louder, stomping their large legs into the ground.

With shaken hands I tried to untie the knot that tied me to Gaul, but I was so nervous I could not even untie myself. "Gaul, please calm down," I told him gently while clutching his warm scales underneath me.

He settled down for a few seconds before I watched his head turn towards the large fire burning in the center of everything. "Gaul," I warned, as he began to make his way over to the fire. He may be fire resistant but fae are not!!

"Gaul!" Everyone was watching us with smiles, while I tried to smile back at them and be a good almost Queen, but it was hard for me to smile while I was certain that my dragon husband wanted to play in fire with me on his back!

The heat from the large fire hit me like a slap by a dragon's tail. And yes I do know what that feels like unfortunately! I was going to be a crispy fae if he jumped into this fire!

A scream left my lips as I felt Gaul jerk forward. I closed my eyes tightly waiting for pain and scorching heat...but I didn't feel any of that. I peeked my eyes opened and gasped. Gaul was spewing fire into the already huge fire.

The heat was so much that my entire body seemed to be sweating and I could do nothing but watch as his scales warmed up underneath me. Watch and hope that my hair would not burn off! Then I would really look like a rock...since they have no hair! I suppose moss could be a rocks hair though...

"The dagger, Princess!"

As I wiped the sweat from my brow, I noticed that Uncle Alazar and the two Kings had appeared. They were hopping down from a dragon who I am pretty sure was Cael. I glanced around, looking for the dagger that the Orc King gave me and felt relief as I realized I tucked it into my dress. I quickly took the knife to the leather strap, making me sweat even more with how much pressure I felt was on me!

With a few more tugs of the blade against the leather, it broke! Gaul was moving so much that I lost my grip on him and tumbled over his side.

I was prepared for pain but instead I was greeted with a familiar smell. "Thank you Uncle Alazar!" I exclaimed as he set me down gently on the ground. Before I had a chance to say anything else, he was pulling me towards the crowd.

The people who were surrounding us were council-members, villagers, people I have never seen before. They were all entranced by Gaul breathing fire into the large flames and I was watching too. Behind Uncle Alazar. It was sort of pretty...until Gaul turned to us.

No one moved a muscle. Well everyone but me, I waved at Gaul. Uncle Alazar told me to stop.

The ground shook as Gaul walked around the circle, his nostrils letting lose hot smoke. Everyone he passed, dropped to their knees. Some even went as far as placing their faces in the ground too.

"When he comes to you, do not bow you are his equal," Uncle Alazar whispered to me as I nodded my head slightly. I watched Gaul pass over the Orc and Vampyr King. Both men bowed but did not get on their knees. I guess it was because they were Kings? I know father would probably go to his knees....

The moment that Gaul turned towards us everyone around me dropped to their knees. General Iona went to her face, so did the women of the Caticala.

I stayed in my place, not moving. Okay so I am an awful fae for lying because I was shaking a bit. Fire was dancing in Gaul's eyes and I watched as he sniffed over a few people. Sniffing longer at Uncle Alazar and growling. Uncle Alazar did not move a muscle but he met his gaze and his eyes seemed to shift a bit. I do not think Uncle Alazar's dragon appreciated the extra sniff...

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