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"Now you look like a Queen."

"I think the correct term is Titania."

I sighed shakily, as I stood in front of the mirror. I was scrubbed so roughly! I felt like a peeled vegetable! Once I was in the Caticala's clutches they carted me off to bathe and dress me.

They scrubbed every single inch of my body with a not so soft item then they lathered  me down in sweet smelling oil. After that, they had stuffed me into my dress and even outlined my eyes in some type of dark powder. I had to admit, I was beautiful right now and glowing from the sweet oils, but my body hurt from the scrubbing! I was just glad that I have not had my hairs forcefully removed from my body. Although where they ripped hair from, it did not grow back just yet. I feared for when I grew more hair in certain areas...

"Did you ladies oil down Loche and have him stuffed into his outfit?" I questioned as I realized how awful that would be. For them to be pouring oil all over Loche's beautiful muscles. Agh..How could they be allowed to do such a thing! Those are my Loche muscles...

One woman began to chuckle. "No the Prince bathed himself. He knows what to put on and how to dress." Oh good. I could not imagine them running their hands over Loche's beautiful body. That would be most disturbing. Loche was a bit dangerous right now...I was afraid for anyone to get too close to him except for Uncle Alazar or me. I should have just volunteered to help Loche with the oils. Agh, I cannot think of such things right now, such things make me feel all odd and warm!

"Now let us go, Princess. Time is of the essence." I suppose it is...but I was hungry again! Where is that sweet bread I had before? That would just be so delicious to have right now...but they were pushing me out of the castle so tis a bit hard to think about right now...

As we walked down the hall, I noted that I did not have the necklace that Loche gave me. "Oh I will meet you ladies outside, I need to grab my necklace please!"

The Caticala all glared at me before shooing me away. I thanked them quickly and rushed back towards the bedchambers. As I made my way towards my chambers, I had to walk very carefully with how tight my dress was. How did they expect me to eventually ride Gaul? I would surely have to rip my beautiful dress or change into another one. I remember Juni telling me that Gaul already ruined my wedding dress! I had the proof too!

"Estelle I've been looking for you!"

I looked up from focusing on walking to see Dale. He did not have much dirt on him, and he had on a nice blue tunic with grey trousers. He looked rather good! Usually, he just wore his gardening clothes everywhere. He also had a basket in hand. "Hi, Dale! You look great!"

He was staring at me wide-eyed, and I noticed that his eyes began to glisten... oh no, he was not crying, was he? "Dale...what is wrong?!"

My friend blinked a few times with a smile on his face, before beginning to speak. "I just...I realize that it would have never worked."

What would not work? "Dale, what are you talking about?"

He sighed, a sad smile on his face. "Even if you did agree to marry me your place would not have been among the fae...but here. You bring joy to these people, who are very serious in manner...you are the light that this kingdom needs."

That was very sweet of him to say, but I have not done much... I could be doing more, but I just do not know where to start. "Thank you Dale."

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