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This day was supposed to be a celebration of the Drakonian kingdom and our kingdom finally fulfilling a treaty that my wonderous parents had signed to better our friendship. Instead of hugging my eldest sister goodbye and hoping that the Dragon prince was a kind man, I was attempting to stop a war. Over me!

The dragon prince was nothing like I experienced in a man before. He was very... large.

Fae men were tall and on the thinner side. Even the ones who had muscles did not seem so...wide. The dragon prince was both broad and wide in muscle, and tall. Not only was he built like an intimidating tree, but his face! It seemed as if the prince had never smiled a day in his life.

His eyes were dark, resembling wet oak. His jaw was strong...almost sharp like a blade would look. His ink colored hair was pent up high and twisted. In some odd sort of bun. He wore a shirt that exposed his arms. Which had a vast amount of muscle on them. Why would someone need that much muscle? To demolish a person?!

I was pulled out of my assessment of the dragon prince as my papa began to argue with Prince Loche. Why was his aura so dark? Every word he spoke seemed as if it was a dagger, sharp and deadly. Prince Loche made me...nervous.

"Oberon Nyx you have absolutely no reason to refuse this marriage," Prince Alazar, the older dragon man with a kind smile spoke. He kept placing a gentle hand on Prince Loche which he continuously shrugged off.

My father was shaking, in anger or fear, I am not sure but I did not like seeing him in so much distress. What was I to do? I know why papa was nervous, I think but I would try and take care of myself.

I could be a good wife. I just have to smile and be kind to Prince Loche, I am sure that is what good wives are supposed to be towards their husbands. Maybe being a wife requires a bit more but I am sure I can figure it out.

"Estelle," my sister snapped at me, shaking my arm as I was pulled out of my thoughts once again. Tis hard to concentrate at times, especially when I think a lot. Prince Loche was threatening father again and I am sure papa did not like that.

I am glad the bickering between my father and prince Loche was over. I am happy papa finally sees reason. Papa had to let me leave my nest and fly away. Even if I do not have wings...

I am sure that dragon shifters breathing fire is a myth, but the look in Prince Loche's eyes was making me question that! "Why bicker when we could be preparing our army," Prince Loche smiled, in a way that did not seem kind at all.

"I would say this meeting is over. You cannot see reason, Amaranth and it upsets me that you would like to break this contract and cause the deaths of your people," Prince Alazar spoke seriously. "We will show no mercy and you know that, Oberon. Esiela iuyi seu op siemu."

Papa froze as did all of us. Did Prince Alazar know our mother? How does he know our language? My fathers shoulders began to sag, the dragon Prince angered face turned into one of a smile? Or, well not a smile but a lesser frown.

I watched as papa sighed loudly, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "You are right, Prince Alazar. My love of my daughter has blinded my royal duties. Prince Loche please promise not to bed my daughter til her wings sprout. That is a true sign of her becoming a woman."

Well I am a woman! My body has grown tremendously since last year. I have breasts and a rounder arse. I only know because I can tell when men stare at me. Before they would only concern themselves with looking at my sisters and only look at me because of my...eyes. Now they look to because they are 'heathens' or so Juniper calls them. I do hope that I can sleep in my own bed though. Sleeping next to Prince Loche did not sound so pleasant, but maybe he has soft blankets and all will be well.

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