Twenty Four

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I heard knocking on the door once again and I tensed. I am sure I look awful...I did not want anyone to see me look so upset. I always had to smile because if I did not other people would not smile.

So instead of risking my upset energy being rubbed off into someone else, I hid within the blankets as the knocking became more insistent.

Then I heard the door opening. I tried to be as still as a mouse...but then I felt a hard hand hit my behind. I gasped and began struggling to gather the covers off of myself.

"I am a princess!" I huffed out, as the last remnant of cover had been pulled away so that I could see my attacker.

It was my sister. Doubled over in laughter. "Yes you are a princess, Stelle!" She laughed as she held her stomach. I frowned, wiping my now tired eyes with my hands. Juni's laughter soon stopped as she looked at me. "Stelle...what is the matter?" She questioned looking over my self.


"-That despicable hooligan! That horrid baboon! I will slap him with a sword, in his face!" Juni declared as she rushed over to me, grabbing me and pushing my head into her chest. "I am so sorry, Stelle! Did he hurt you much? I should have been here to save you from that perveted dragon but I was fending off one myself! That Cael tried to take away my tart juice and then tracked me down when I flew away from the castle in anger and-and kissed me!" She shrieked.

"Juni...agh, stop!" I said as I pushed at my sister who I am sure is not sane. Did she say she kissed Cael?! "Wait...Cael kissed you?!"

"I do not want to talk about that...I want to speak about the forbidden acts! How shall I cut off his...his..." within seconds my sisters violent speaking had stopped as she began to blush. Her hands going to her cheeks. "I can't even speak of what I need to cut off! My poor baby sister!"

She thought we had done the forbidden acts! Oh no...instead we had spent the morning yelling at one another and hurting each other. "Juni...we did not do anything like that. I am upset because Loche was talking so meanly about Dale and I suddenly had the urge to cry and could not stop! He became very upset with me and called me a child and it was just not a good morning," I sighed out, not being able to meet her eyes.

"Stelle could you not stop your emotions?" I nodded sadly. "And the faintest noise would upset you even more? Did your body ache?"

I nodded slowly. Ashamed. I am usually better at controlling my emotions. Father even praised me for it at times. "Stelle, it is just the effects of your wings about to bloom!"

My wings?! I had never thought about that. My back was aching entirely too much...more than normal actually. I knew I did not cry too much, like Loche claimed! I was upset but not enough to cry...and Loche did nothing but just worsen it. "Oh..." I said as my head dropped into my hands. "Now what do I do? He left for a few days."

"Well I do not you want to apologize to him? Did he apologize to you?" She questioned as I frowned.

"I apologized and he did not accept can someone not accept an apology? It goes against everything," I sighed. I have never had someone not accept my apology. Even if I was upset I would still accept his apology!

Juni patted my head, "Stelle men are weird. They are like um...well they are like lizards and we are butterflies. Very different from us. When he comes back you should demand an apology then you two will be fine and you can kiss until your hearts content...or until kissing turns into forbidden things!"

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