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I held Juniper's hand tightly. She was still on her stomach, injured. I tried to help, I did but I knew if I helped too much, Dinah would be incredibly upset with me. So I would have to let her go home and be helped.

Flashes of my homeland made me begin to sing. I could feel Juniper's aura changing from time to time. Hearing me sing would always calm down her spirit. Which was probably in chaos and confusion since we had to continue to give her special herbal mixtures to make her sleep. If she were to awaken she would be in an uncomfortable amount of pain.

As I sang, I heard an odd noise but continued to sing, not thinking anything of it. It was not until I felt a hand on my shoulder that I let lose a yelp and turned around.

A plump woman with one long gray and brown braid, and a smile that warmed my heart stood in front of me. It was the fae woman I had met yesterday! "Oh, hello Winona!"

"Your grace," she bowed. "How does Lady Juniper fare..." she smiled while I gave her a grim look. She was the same as yesterday. The mixtures that we were capable of making just dulled the pain for Juni, but did not help her in becoming better.

I sighed, "She will have to be sent back home...." I would miss Juni, and I know while she is recuperating she will be very upset to learn I might already be married! Which made me even more nervous. Juni knew things about men that I did not, and she claimed she would tell me those things, but she could not tell me if she was not here!

"Your highness, how is Faenor?" Winona asked, with a small smile on her lips. "I have not visited in ages." Her cheeks became rosy at the mention of our home kingdom.

How could she not have visited in such a long time?! "All of the flowers have just come into full bloom and it just looks beautiful!"

"Oh spring," she said softly. "I love spring. Not many colorful flowers sprout here in the spring."

That is just unimaginable. "Well maybe I can have my dearest friend send us seeds! That would surely help. Oh, and why can you not travel to see our home country?"

Winona sighed. "We do not have much, but we are happy. I work as a tailor and my husband a sword smith. If we were to miss a few days pay...it would be awful."

I frowned. I could not visit my homeland but to know that I could make it possible for someone else made me happy. "How about you speak with your husband and any day that you two would like to go just tell me! And to cover the expenses I will have you make me three dresses for well three days of you leaving. We will pay you a lot of gold and I will have Loche order swords from your husband! You have to see your home country," I said while the middle aged woman smiled. Tears welling up in her eyes. I am sure Loche will have no problem. It is a nice deed after all!

"I could never ask such a thing from you, your highness. I am not sure the King or even Prince Loche would allow that!" She gasped as I  grabbed her hands. She should not think so negative!

"Loche will. I will speak to him and if he will not spend the funds, I will just write a letter to my father and he will send someone for you. He will absolutely do it, since you aided in Juniper get better."

She smiled and stood up, giving me a nervous look. "May I hug you, Su Anya?"

"Suis!" We embraced one another tightly and it was so comforting to know that even though Juni was leaving, I had another Fae to speak with! Plus she was very sweet. I also had a few questions for her. "If you would not be offended um...could you tell me a bit about dragons and their marriage ceremonies."

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