Twenty Seven

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"You drink my blood and tell me my future?" I questioned out of pure curiosity.

The king smirked, a look in his eyes told me he wanted to do more than drink my blood. What more? I am not entirely sure. "Something like that, yes. It just chance visions I cannot hone in on a specific thing you want to know about."

This was a lie. It was not real, no truth or future would be revealed. He just probably would like to taste my blood because I am powerful. "I see you are thinking about it. Allow me to do it, it will just bring us closer as allies and maybe answer some concerns you have."

Concerns? What concerns did I have? I had no concerns. Other than not knowing what to do with my wife.

Want fae.

While I tried to weigh the possible good outcome from seeing ones future and the repercussions of it, Gaul felt like now would be a pleasant time to bombard my mind with images of Estelle.

Her crying, her smile, her dancing. Her lips. Why must he be this nuisance while I am trying to be diplomatic and get things done? Can he not think with what is in his loins for one second? It makes no sense how one can be this occupied with mating at all times.

"If you do not want to that is fine. I will not
Beg for your blood, unless you want me to." He had an odd glint in his eyes and if I was sure he winked at me. Is this man ogling me?

"Fine," I said on impulse. If this man could give me a glimpse into the future, why not take it? I did believe in seers, we used to have many, now only a few are left in the Caticala. Or so from what I hear.

Taking a deep breath I stretched out my limbs, watching this peculiar King. I held my wrist out to him and he frowned. "I suppose it would be too intimate to bite into your neck?"

"If you want to be defanged and your severed head a part of my prized collections, sure." The only mouth or teeth that would come close to my neck was Estelle's. And of course If I was idiotic enough to be murdered on my behemoths form.

He stared at me in shock and I remained my my neutral facial expression. He began to chuckle as if what I said was comical. Did he believe that I would not? It would be relatively easy. Yes he was muscular but not as much as me.

He wiped at his eyes he was laughing so hard. "Prince Loche you are truly are a jester. I will take from your wrist as you have asked." Yes, I am naturally comical apparently.

I gave him my wrist and waited impatiently for him to break the flesh and drink my blood. While I am getting information on the future I am also being extremely diplomatic. My father would never agree to this, which was why I did.

The twinge of pain I felt did not register with me, the deep groan I heard from the Vampyr king did however. I ignored it the best I could but my behemoth did not appreciate it.

Only fae drink.
No fang king.

I was sure Estelle wanted nothing with my blood but my behemoth wanted it that way. If anyone had to drink my blood it would be her.

Another small twinge of pain was felt once again and I knew he was withdrawing his fangs that were now tainted red. He licked the remaining blood from his lips and teeth before he looked up at me, a satisfied look in his eyes..accompanied with the whites of his eyes completely turning the crimson blood red he just consumed.

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