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Once Cael and I rushed back to the castle, he began to ask around about the whereabouts of Loche. Not too long after and we were approaching a room full of books and a large desk. Most likely someone's study.

The door was cracked open and my eyes peeped in at the sight. Loche stood with the woman who was always in armor and glaring. She was General Iona, the woman who sat next to me at the meeting.

"Prince Loche my soldiers are able and ready to move out as soon as you give the call. The Fae guard has not been back yet...I implore you my first group of soldiers are ready at the command," the woman explained as I frowned.

They both had gilded cups in their hands and I wondered why they would be having drinks in a study. "Iona wait till tomorrow, if the Fae is not here then you shall have your wish of invading the human kingdom. Although...you may miss my wedding, you would not want to postpone until after the celebration?"

The woman made a noise then quickly cleared her throat. "My Lord their is no guarantee that she will succeed...for if she does not we will have no celebration."

"I suppose you are right...Now drink, in honor of your future achievement of conquering Histania." Loche's aura did not seem right and I did not know what was happening...

Both of them drank from their cups and I watched as she handed him back the beautiful gilded cup. "That was surprisingly not terrible."

"Yes well it was from my father's collection." Did Loche possibly like this woman? Why else would he be sharing private drinks with her.. And he was being incredibly nice to her too. An odd feeling that I was not accustomed to feeling rose up in me..

"You have a long night ahead of you, yes. Catching the animals for such a sacrifice. Is your behemoth excited?"

Loche did not look happy about her question. "No but the Caticala claim that will appease the gods in favor of this union." What is a Caticala?

"You have no hope that the fae Princess will succeed?" What if he said no? Does Loche doubt me? I have been studying and practicing and I will succeed. I hope he thinks I will.

A growl left Loche's body and I jumped a bit. "I do not believe in hope, Iona. You and I both know hope and love is not something instilled into us. I do not think Estelle has what it takes, so I am doing what I am able to do to make sure she becomes my wife."

"It is odd to see you pay attention to a female," the general spoke. Well she is a woman, yes? Does she not see herself as a woman? Whomever she sees herself as I want to be her friend! If she is not trying to steal Loche from me of course. That would be very, very upsetting. Loche gave her an odd look.

"I am just upholding a treaty...Estelle you can enter. The General and I are done with our conversation." Oh darn! How did he notice me?! As he stared at me his eyes shifted to his dragons and it suddenly made sense. His dragon knows my scent well I think. Or maybe both of them do?

General Iona bowed to Loche and then sort of to me before leaving us alone. She did not seem to like me much...

"What do you want, Estelle?" He questioned as he finished off what was in his own gilded cup. Why is his stare always so intense?

I had to be calm if I was not calm Loche would not listen to me. "To say hi," I lied as Loche crossed his arms over his chest. I neared him with a smile, watching him reach out. I am
not sure why he was reaching out to me, but I found out why as he picked some grass from my hair.

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