Twenty Five

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I have killed, I have injured, I have sentenced people to their last dying breaths. I have dealt with uprisings, unhappy peasants. Everything...but a woman crying.

That was one thing that I had never encountered. Sure I encountered upset women, but I did not care for those women. They were of no importance, but Estelle was.

She was my wife now. She could do absolutely no wrong in my behemoth's eyes, but she could do wrong in my own eyes...

I could not coddle her. She had been smothered by all things good all of her life. She did not realize people had ill intent, that people were malicious. She did not realize how much her words meant to certain people.

That is why I had to do what I had to do to Iona. If she succeeded in leading our forces into Histania, it would be a direct blow to Estelle, to me. I could not have that. That would turn the council against us, and when we begin our reign they would always bring up this one minuscule moment in our lives. I was sure the General knew what I was up to, but she drank the tainted wine anyway.

She needed to think with her mind not her heart and that was a lesson I did not know how to get into a thick Fae's skull. Even though we were both not happy with one another right now my behemoth was still bent on getting back to her. And ravishing her. Smelling her.

As we flew towards the kingdom it took all of my strength not to fly back. He wanted to be with her, I wanted to be with her. But it was not like Estelle wanted to see our face as it was. I had upset her beyond belief.... I had acted in such a way that Alazar would beat me to a pulp if he found out.

"Your highness, we are here."

I glanced beside me. The man that was my father's advisor was a coward. He had no backbone and it annoyed me to no end. But it made sense, why would my father have a strong advisor? He wanted to do whatever he wanted without any push back and this spineless man was perfect for the task.

We flew into the kingdom and were met with horses to escort us to the castle gates. No one met us. Just horses and an elderly shop keep who told us the way. Which highly annoyed me but I had to be...diplomatic. What kind of people greeted royalty with horses? Just horses. Despicable.

I was not supposed to be here at the Kingdom of Izain. I was supposed to be lying in bed with Estelle. Teaching her about my country, kissing her lips till they were red and swollen, feeding her fruits from my hand...but instead I was here. After making her cry like I have never seen her do before.

Mate Fae, make Fae happy.

I am sure if I were to go back this instant and try to bed Estelle she would pass out. Not from anger but probably confusion. Since last night I was not entirely sure she knew how intercourse worked. I thought Winona had explained it to her thoroughly but she must have left things out for Estelle to react the way she did...

As we approached the large gates, a group of men appeared from seemingly thin air. That was not the case though. I heard the Vampyr were fast...but I never imagined this much.

"What is your business here?!" One shouted. They all wore dark crimson and black. Furs outlined some of their cloaks. Weapons of scythe's and swords adorned their shaking hands.

Before the weak advisor announced me, I announced myself. "I am Prince Loche from the Draconian kingdom. I am here for a meeting with your King. King Talon."

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