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A knocking on the door had me trailing away from my thoughts. Loche has left me to go shift into Gaul and told me to meet him outside. Loche seemed very stressed out before and I wondered if it was because of me or because we had to go to Lycea? I wish Juni was here to help me sort out my thoughts with Loche. She is good with men's problems...I know Winona is married but sometimes I do not know if she is giving me good advice.

Opening the door slightly, I was happy to see Cael. He looked a bit...well not very happy. "Cael are you alright?"

He gave me a false smile. "Of course, Titania. We need to get you outside. I am escorting you to the Lycea kingdom. Prince Loche thinks that his dragon will not behave with on his back for such a long period of time so you will be riding on me," he explained to me as I frowned. Loche was so mean to Gaul sometimes. Gaul just likes to hold me and touch me sometimes, it is not like Gaul thinks bad thoughts all of the time.

"Oh okay! Cael what should I call your dragon?" I questioned as I left the door open to grab the necklace that Loche gave me. Well that the Vampyr King gave to Loche to give to me. The Vampyr King was interesting...he looks as if he needs a hug and maybe a warm cup of tea.

"Dragon," he said dryly as I frowned. Cael has not been in a good mood lately and I wondered if that had anything to do with Juni...since they kissed and all. And how did he not have a name for his dragon? I mean Loche had a name for his dragon before I named him. Well no I do not really think behemoth is a name...it sounded mean to call Gaul such a name when he was such a sweet dragon.

"We have to find a name for your dragon," I told Cael as we walked out of the castle and down the steps. I noticed that a few guards and Gaul were waiting for us. Before I waved my hand at my husband I glanced down to make sure that I did not trip like last time.

When Gaul noticed me, he stopped growling angrily at a random guard man and let out an odd noise that he always made whenever I was around. He pawed at the ground, raking his claws into the hard surface before making more noises.

"Hi, Gaul!" I smiled as I rushed over to him and hugged his large head. He was extremely warm as usual and I loved his warmth. Good thing was that Loche was always warm too, they kept me nice and comfortable.

"Titania once I shift we have to be on our way," I heard Cael say as Gaul shifted his big head to the side to give Cael a rather threatening look. Cael slightly bowed as Gaul's eyes narrowed. The threatening sound he was making was getting louder and louder by the second and I noticed that Cael had resorted to dropping to one knee. How dare he be mean to Cael for no reason!

I frowned, poking him on the nose, he growled at me. "Stop that right now, Cael is sweet as a deer and just wants to help us...do not be so mean Gaul." I rubbed his head gently and watched as his awful growling lessened. "Now we have to go and see the Lycan King and his human Queen. I have to ride on Cael but do not get upset because you are the only dragon that I love, okay Gaul?"

The sound of bones cracking made me wince and I knew that Cael was shifting and Gaul did not seem too happy about that. He snarled at me, his big teeth gnashing together. "Gaul," I stressed, as one of his teeth snagged my dress. "You cannot be unreasonable. You have marked my neck and I have your brand, I do not want Cael and he does not want me," I explained to him as I heard a loud thump. I glanced to the side of me to see Cael's brown dragon, staring at both of us. Gaul snarled and Cael's dragon huffed, not responding.

"You listen to your wife, you know you get carried away with everything." I could see Uncle Alazar walking towards us, frowning heavily.

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