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The scent of freshly bloomed flowers and the purplish green hue of seni grass wafted to my nose. The sun was shining brightly, bathing my exposed arms and face in sunlight. My eyes slipped close to bask in all of the glory of the beautiful nature. After inhaling the glorious scents a few times, a loud cough interrupted my basking!

Slipping open one eye, I searched around for the source of such a loud cough. Sitting atop a moss covered rock was a man dressed in a light blue shirt and chestnut trousers. Hay colored blonde hair stuck up at odd angles, as if he enjoyed rolling around in the grass for joy. Which he did! The magnificent  grin he wore, forced my own smile to appear.

Then his smile broke and a frown replaced it. His sky like eyes glared at me rather harshly. Oh no, what have I done? "Estelle," he huffed, "My body is so stiff and you decide now is the time to pause and smell the roses!"

How dare he accuse me of smelling the wrong type of flower! I gasped, placing a hand over my heart. "How...how could you accuse me of doing such a thing? I was asking our goddess to give me inspiration to finish the painting!" I lied as his eyes narrowed even more at me.

Agh. I cannot handle when people stare at me with such intensity! I placed my hands over my mouth to stop the laughter that threatened to bubble up and spill over.

"Estelle," he frowned, giving me a look that Dale, my closest and only friend, has never given me before! I burst out into a fit of giggles, not being able to contain my laughter at his angered gaze.

As I laughed I noticed that he was moving, about to get up from the rock he was sitting on. Agh, no! "Wait, Wait Dale do not move!" I squealed, placing my hands up in surrender. "I-I am sorry I was really smelling the roses. My hands are cramping from painting for so long and, and I just wanted to relax for a moment!" I confessed, wiping my sweaty forehead with the back of my hand.

His eyes then widened before he moved ever so slightly. No, no! "Dale! You have ruined it!" I gasped, glancing back at his painting. We have been out on this beautiful mountain for about five hours. I am now a very sweaty and tired fae Princess for nothing! My painting is not complete!

"Your eyes resemble a baby doe when angry Estelle," he chuckled as he doubled over in laughter, falling off of the large boulder. Baby doe have beautiful cocoa eyes, I have different eyes. One pupil is apricot orange and the other is a lavender purple. Oh how I wish that I had cocoa eyes like deer...or even my sisters!

Darn him, He is such a jester! In a fit of anger I grabbed my thick paint brush that was dipped in a rich green and approached my laughing friend. While he was busy chuckling, I smeared some paint onto his reddening cheek. "Ha! That is what you get for being such an awful friend! Wrecking your own painting!"

"I-I am sorry, I just.." he trailed off looking at me once again and began to laugh. What was so funny? Why is my closest friend being so awful? I just wanted to paint him and smell some flowers and now he is on the grass laughing incredibly too hard. "You have blue paint smeared on your forehead, Estelle."

Frowning, I brought my hand up to my forehead and gasped. Sure enough, I had blue paint on my forehead. With the paint brush still in my other hand, I smiled at my friend sheepishly. "Dale...we are best friends yes?"


"So we should be matching!" Before he had the chance to respond, I lunged at him and attempted to smear the paint on his forehead just like paint was on mines.

Unfortunately, my friend pulled me down with him and we began to roll around in the grass, playing as if we were sprites again. The only difference was that Dale was much, much stronger than me. Somehow! Both of our past times consisted of eating sweet bread and spending time in the forests yet he is the stronger one. Ack! How dare he.

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