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"I find that a slit across the throat is most effective in war tactic. To intimidate. Precise, blood everywhere but not the guts and other things." I nodded my head slowly, watching the Vampyr King's heated gaze fall onto the Orc King. Supposedly King Draka did not care for the Vampyr King and Talon did not appreciate that. At all.

It was the morning of the second day of celebration and Estelle still was asleep. She had been in and out of her odd sleep like state since she passed out in the forest. Something that Winona and the shadow fae made clear to me was normal. It was her wings and probably exhaustion from recent events. Whatever the reason be I wish it would be rectified so that she could wake up. Both Gaul and I were antsy for her to assume her role as Queen.

"I disagree Soul Snatcher. To instill fear and reverence into your people you use this!" I watched King Draka stand with his little sister in his arms. He grappled at an item behind his back and showed it to us. The orc child squealed and clapped her hands at seeing the item. "I use this to kill. My favorite weapon."

He showed us a wooden instrument that was slim where he held it but spanned out towards the end. Sharp metal spikes were at the end of the odd looking head of the weapon. "You use all of your strength and bash it into your enemies head. Without seeing guts you receive no glory. Is that not right, my woele?" He questioned as he bared his fangs at his sister. She burst out into a fit of laughter.

Why am I sitting with these men and not with my wife? Or doing actual work that I have to do? Because I am attempting to be diplomatic. It is pointless and nuisance for me but the Orcs do have amazing resources and rich land. The Vampyr have certain plants and minerals that are beneficial to my people.

"Why do you bring a child to a foreign land?" I questioned the Orc King absent mindenly as I glanced towards the Princess. Alazar had given her a little jewel to bite. I have no idea why she was biting the jewels but she would begin to cry and become fussy if someone took it away from her.

The Orc King frowned. "Kettakari is weak, therefore easy to kill. Most of my people believe my woele was a mistake. She is lighter and smaller than most of our Orc people, and she did not come from the womb with fangs. I bring her everywhere so no one can kill her," The Orc King explained to us as the Vampyr King's eyebrows scrunched together.

"Well why not just kill everyone who does not like her?" Talon questioned as I agreed. I would end anyone who wished ill on my siblings or children. And of-course my wife.

The Orc King shrugged. "Oh I am. I am doing it quietly and slowly though. I enjoy watching people fear when their next breath will be." I should try that one day. It sounds effective...

As King Draka spoke about his plans, a guard approached me with papers in hand. "My Lord you have a few letters that just arrived." He handed me the letters and I began to rub my temples. Another letter from the thorn in my side.

My dear lovely, amazing, sister

HELP. I know you and Loche are probably passionately doing the forbidden acts and being in love and that is great but I am about to be married off to an evil fae! I have never thought that I would want to wish ill on anyone but I want to take a sword and slap him with it! HELP! Dina is trying to get me married off soon Stelle. I rather have Cael be my husband. DO NOT TELL HIM THAT ELSE I WILL PULL YOUR WNGS THAT I HOPE YOU HAVE. Also, tell Loche that he is a nuisance and he smells! And that if he is hurting you in any way I will end him with my shoe.


"Hm, by the look on your face it is not good news is it? It is a fae seal so it cannot be that awful, they are peaceful creatures," King Talon pointed out as the Orc princess began to reach out to him. He grimaced and the Draka growled at his little sister, whispering things in her ears.

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