Thirty One

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It seemed like the pain quickly faded away as I realized Loche was battling these dragons. Tis not good at all. What if he is hurt?!

"Cael over here!"

My eyes widened as the men on horse back approached us. Looks of anger and fury passed their faces as they looked over me.

Cael was leading them and his expression grim as he got off of his horse and approached me. "Princess on your dress, is that all of your blood?"

He seemed to sniff me out, and frowned, looking down. Agh! Tis Dale! "No it is mostly Dale's. He is injured! Please have one of your men get him back safely," I told him as Cael looked down at Dale grimacing.

"Princess we need to bring you back to the castle immediately," he said as I stumbled forward. Juni attempted at catching me but Cael did so.

"N-no. Loche is going to kill them all. We cannot let that happen," I yawned tiredly as Cael picked me up gently. He seemed to be processing what I have said before we heard a man yell.


Cael threw me to the floor and pushed Juni down also as a tree came crashing down around us. It was due to the dragons swishing their large meaty tails all around and fighting! Do they realize we are here also?!

A soldier helped me up while Cael had to struggle to help Juni out. The tree almost fell on her!

Once we are all safe and Dale not in harms way, Cael gathered his men. "The Prince is not in his right mind and is trying to kill all of the princesses captors. If we let that happen then we cannot question them further. We need to restrain the ones we can!" Cael shouted to the men who were all looking at me and then beginning to clench their fists and becoming enraged. Did I look that awful?

"Cael, please you have to get Dale out of here!"

One of the men with them picked Dale up and another helped him situate my bloodied and battered friend on the horse. They rode off into the darkness.

"Captain Cael watch out!"

Captain Cael? Was Cael apart of a sea group? I would laugh but my body hurts too much to do so. As soon as I was going to ask the question, Cael had thrown me!

I was in the air for a few seconds, a yelp making its way from my lips as I collided with another body. Letting lose a loud grunt, I struggled to see who I landed on.

It was Keynai. "Su Anya!" He said loudly as I pushed at him, trying to get out of his hold. "Su Anya you look terrible you must let me hold you!"

"Someone get the Captain...get the Prince!"

I struggled to get out of Keynai's hold so that I could turn around and see what was happening. My eyes widened at what I saw.

The red dragon lying on the ground, panting it looked like. I knew he was injured by the way it was breathing. Cael was stuck under him...I think he was unconscious.

"This is not good," I told Keynai as we both winced at hearing a loud roar.

Looking up, I could vaguely make out a large black dragon soaring down from the sky, heading straight towards the red dragon. Why is Loche attacking Harkin?! He has done nothing wrong!

"Please hurry and get Cael!" I told the soldiers as they rushed forward, pulling and pushing the dragon to get Cael out of harms way.

They had successfully grabbed Cael and as soon as they got him within a few inches away, the black dragon pounded into the earth, making the ground shake.

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