Twenty Six

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"I will never, ever, ever as long as I live ride on a dragon's back!"

I giggled as Dale seemed shaken up. He was not happy at all. Not happy with me at least and definitely not happy with Harkin who we just rode on. Dale had held me so tight that my body hurt. It was exhilarating and fun but I do not think my closest friend thought the same.

"But Dale you have wings. Tis the same."

"Tis not the same, Estelle," Dale pouted as we wandered around a small woodland area. Harkin had left us to go grab cloaks from his house. He did not want us to get 'mugged' or harmed because we had nice clothes on so we were hiding out in a small area with a few trees and little to not cute animals. Which upset me a bit, woods always came with cute animals!

I scoffed. "Both of us have wings though, Dale."

Dale frowned. "Our wings are beautiful and quiet. Dragon wings are large and scary...large and scary just like your husband," he murmured as I laughed and pushed him lightly. Dale did not seem happy for some reason and I wondered maybe if the ride had upset his stomach or maybe balance?

He thought Loche was large and scary? Well yes he is but he is not that scary. He is large though. "Loche is not so bad. He is just like a...a pieti tree. Hard bark but once you finally get past the bark, sweet sap is inside!"

Dale frowned. "Sweet? Estelle has he made you eat something to believe such delusions?" He questioned, concern in his voice as he grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling him closer to me.

"Delusions?" I questioned as Dale gripped my shoulders tightly. What had gotten into him? "I do not have any delusions."

My closest friend gave me a look of concern. "Estelle he does not treat you right. I know man as fierce as he is will treat you kindly. No man can-"

"-Dale you do not know him," I defended Loche as I suddenly felt extremely exhausted. I just was arguing with Loche over Dale and now my closest friend wanted to do the same...but about my husband! Why gods! On the day after my wedding ceremony everyone wants to yell at me? I am in need of sweet bread and a hug from my papa.

His grip on me lessened and I was quite surprised how strong Dale's grip was. "Estelle you defend a man who was so rude to your own father."

Why is he so grumpy? What have I done to him! "Dale I am not sure why you are so upset but Loche is my husband. Grumpy, scary, mean or nice he is still my husband and we are going to stay married...wh-whether you like him or not Dale."

Tis not my choice, Loche chose me...he wanted me. I could do nothing about our outcome. He wanted war if I did not come back and Loche is not so bad. His teeth are nice, and he is strong, and he does an odd grumble sound that I like!

I like him. I like my husband a lot.
I just do not like him right now because he is grump just like Dale is being!

"I know," Dale whispered as his hold on my shoulders loosened.

My poor friend Dale. He was upset with me. "Is this about me not telling you that I was leaving? I am sorry Dale," I apologized as he was looking away from me. I placed my hand on his cheek, turning his head softly. "I am sorry Dinah had to tell you and I should have wrote you memory."

He grasped my hand from his face and shook his head firmly. "Tis not about that, Estelle. Has...has Prince Loche treated you well so far?"

I wanted to tell him that yes his lips have treated me well but his mouth has not. Loche had rudely yelled at me then left me earlier and I cried and tis just a mess! "Loche has treated me well, Dale. I promise you!"

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