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I glanced back quickly, noticing one of my maids walking down the hall towards me. With a deep breath, I rushed down the hall, trying to avoid the woman like I was avoiding everyone else! I have made it past most of the week, I cannot be caught now!

I have not spoken to Loche in two days. He has been very busy preparing everything for our coronation...and I am glad of it. I cannot face him right now. I am still too confused!

When I sleep at night, he slipped into bed much later than me, and pulled me into his warm arms. It made me want to sob right then and there! He even kisses me at night and I have to pretend that his lips do not affect me. When they very much did. He never tries to wake me up though which I appreciate...but that still did not mean that he was good. So many lies and truths that I am not sure what is real. If he is lying to me being so kind do me all of the time tis most cruel!


I let lose a shriek as I ploughed into someone in my attempt to escape my maid who was chasing me.


The person I ran into was steadying me on my feet as I glanced up. It was General Iona! She wore a very stern look to her face, her hair was tied back into a tight bun and I noticed that a flower was peeking out of her hair. It was beautiful and looked very delicate since she was wearing some hardened armor. "Princess are you alright?" She questioned me in confusion a frown on her face.

"Princess!" The maid yelled after me as I yelped and grabbed the General by her hand pulling her into a random room. It was a bit complicated to pull her into the room but she did not seem to protest as much as I thought she would.

"What on earth is going on?" The General frowned, her eyes brows drawing close as she closed the door behind us and I hid behind a chair. Ach! If she found me she would take me to Loche and the awful ladies! The very people I did not want to see.

While I hid, I could hear the door opening. "Oh General Iona have you seen the princess? I am looking for her currently."

"No I have not. Check the gardens," Iona lied to her as I felt like hugging the woman. She was so kind to help me! This is what friends do! After a few seconds the door was slammed shut and I peeked out from my hiding spot. The General was staring at me as if I was a three headed fish! Two headed fish are common but three are oh so rare! "Why are you hiding from your maid?"

Could I trust her? She did tell me that we could be friends... "Um...I well I am afraid of the Caticala and wish to face them later." Tis technically not a lie, those women do scare me.

"Those old bats are very nuisance...I can understand why you would not like them," she agreed with me. Well I would not call them old bats but at least she understands why I am hiding.

I smiled, "thank you for understanding General...oh and your flower is very beautiful in your hair!"

Her cheeks began to redden as she quickly picked the flower out of her hair. "It is hideous...your annoying fae friend gave it to me then had the audacity to put one in my hair!"

Oh Dale! How sweet of him! I have not seen him at all still! He has been busy recovering and helping the dragon farmers with their crops. I believe Loche purposely has him out of the castle but I do not have proof as of yet.

"Oh well Dale is a master of flowers! He probably picked the perfect ones for you since you are friends now-"

"-We are not friends," General Iona frowned as she glared at the flower before throwing it onto the table. "You and Inare friends buy I am not friends with that fae gardener."

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