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"Ouch, please stop! Do not do that!"

A handful of dragon women had taken me from my preparations and stripped me naked! Juni and I were going over my strategy for the upteenth time when unknown ladies in black robes had graciously whisked me away. Telling me it was time to prepare! I did not know who they were but Cael did not seemed alarmed when they whisked me away so he obviously knew who the women were. 

When they took me to 'prepare' I thought they meant my hair maybe. It did look quite the mess...but no! They meant doing unspeakable acts to my body.

"Excuse me that hurts!" I shrieked as I felt a rough surface scrub my back and the other woman had a bowl of something. Mixing it while another cleaned at areas that I could clean myself!

I was a princess and used to gentle washes...but these women were being awfully specific with the regions they wanted to clean and they were treating my skin rough. Not so gentle.

Only one woman was kind and treating me gently. "Princess, forgive our abrasiveness. My name is Vesta and we are here to prepare you for your ceremony."

"This is not even the worst part, young fae," an older woman told me as I frowned. What would be the worst part? Why did Winona not tell me of these ladies?

"Princess, you must hold very still for these next few minutes. It is vital..."

Pain. Pain and humiliation!

Of all the things I have experienced in a bathing chamber this had to be the worse. Ever. I had cried and they did nothing to stop it! They continued on their awful and unnatural request for the removal of hair! They had stripped me of my hair everywhere...except for my head and brows!

They had oiled me down to calm down my sore and reddened skin and then threw a large warm robe on me. I felt like a vegetable getting oiled up to go into boiling water! The women then lead me into a room that I had barely recognized.

Dresses and jewels filled the room. Some were familiar for I have tried plenty of them on, but some were unfamiliar to me. One in particular had me questioning where I would ever wear it. It was rather...revealing. I do hope they do not expect me to wear that out in public.

"Princess please remove your robe," one of the women announced as she began to tug at the warmed robe. I did not feel so confident standing completely naked with these ladies present...but their was nothing I could particularly do to stop them.

Vesta was the only one not looking at me as if I was a foreign animal. She was turned away looking at one of the many dresses placed around the room.

As I nervously stood stark naked, one of the many elderly woman walked around me in a circle. "You have deep bruises on your back. Are those from your wings?" The woman touched where my wings would soon grow from and I stifled a cry. Tis hurt!

"Please do not touch, it hurts very much...and yes tis for my wings." She did not even apologize, just kept inspecting me.

"You have an abundance of hips for a Fae. That will be pleasing to the Prince," she said as she poked at my bare skin. Was I supposed to thank her for that? I honestly did not know and I felt the need to cover myself from their gazes.

The elderly woman moved closer to me, sniffing my skin. "Still pure. As expected a Princess should." I felt her hand shoot to my hair. "Soft hair...she smells well. If you succeed Princess, the Prince will have no problem ensuring an heir. Heirs," she corrected as a few of the woman giggled.

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