Twenty Nine

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"Well what should we do!"

I stared in fear at one of the oldest male fae friend I had. The loud and boisterous Keynai. He was the best, although he yelled constantly. I could not wait til he becomes my brother and I will be allowed to annoy him constantly. I have always wanted to call someone brother and I know Loche is technically my brother but I do not like that heathen!

"Just calm down. We will figure this out!" Keynai announced loudly as we paced the large chambers of my sister and prince Loche. I am not sure why their chambers is so large. Tis ridiculous. I know Loche is a tree of a man but Estelle is small. Why do they need such a large bed? It made no sense, but I cannot think of that right now.

Right now I need to thin of where my poor sister and her annoying close friend are. Dale is a great person but he is just so annoying. Always staring at Stelle and secretly loving her and hiding it. I told him to stop being friends with her and I knew his secret but of course he denies it!

"We can go to Prince Alazar. He is nice then he can have some guards help us look for them!" I suggested, wondering who else we were to turn to. Estelle and Dale have went frolicking away with that nice guard Harkin and have not returned!

I panicked. What if they were lost? What if Harkin was hurt and Stelle and Dale were being harassed by ruffians?! Prince Loche will murder me and Keynai! I am too beautiful and young to die. I have yet to experience everything I want to yet! Not to mention my sister! My baby sister who is so sweet and too kind to be married to such a mean yukata root such as Prince Loche.

What should I do? Sit like a stick in  sap that like  Dina? What would she do? "Yes! Yes we will go to Prince Alazar and if he is angry I shall threaten him with my sword! And-"

I slapped a hand over Keynai's mouth as we heard knocking on the door. Ah! "Shhh, Keynai, stop yelling. If anyone hears us then-"

The knocking was turning into pounding, just like my poor heart! I cleared my throat, trying to sound as much like Estelle as possible. "Wh-who is it?"

The handle was beginning to jiggle and I let lose a yelp. I dove into their bed and fought their covers to get under them. I could pretend to be Estelle. It was  easy. Flowers and deer. Think flowers and deer Juniper!

"Wh-why are you in here, dragon guard?!"

Oh no...oh no it is him! Him! Of all of the people, it has to be him. "I-I am taking care of my Su Anya! She is ill and would like me to take care of her, dragon guard!"

Agh. Maybe I will just wrap myself in this blanket and die. That is a good death...well no not really. Dying in my sister and her husband's bed? That is just sad!

"And you think that is appropriate? You a single guard being in the bedroom of your princess?" He sounded dare he be angry, when I am!

"Because she is my princess not yours!"

There was silence and I wondered if that certain dragon guard maybe left the room in anger... Then the covers were being pulled from my grasp.

"You have no shame! The princes is sleeping!" Keynai shouted as I was uncovered.

I had my hands over my face, hoping maybe I resembled Estelle in any sense. My heart beat rapidly as I moved my fingers a bit to see dark eyes peering down at me. He was too close!

Letting lose a yelp, I scrambled off of the bed so that Cael was on one side and I on the other. He did not look so happy, he actually seemed... well furious. Why did I care that he was mad?!

"Where is the princess?" He questioned, glancing between Keynai and I.

Time to lie. "My sister is not in here...she is at the kitchen. She is upset that the Prince is gone and has gone to drown her sorrows in sweets." That sounded like something that Stelle and I would do together..

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