Twenty Three

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I awoke to the feeling of someone holding me extremely tight. So tight that my breath almost left me! As I tried to realize what was going on, my hand went to the arm that was securely wrapped around my waist. I could feel the warmth from this muscular arm...and the scales.

It was Loche!

I managed to turn around, in his arms and I was immediately embarrassed. Loche was...well he was not dressed appropriately. He only wore what looked like a short pair of trousers.

Although last night was a bit...difficult for me to remember I do know the ladies telling me I would feel odd and sore the next morning. I also remember Loche telling me to keep my clothes on. So maybe we did not do the forbidden acts. He also yelled at me to go to sleep. Which was not very kind either!

His chest and hard muscles that covered his stomach still had patches of scales and I touched them...wondering what would happen. I watched as the rough scales became a bit smoother...not as rough as they were when he was angry or upset. How odd! I never noticed such a thing before.

My hand traveled over his chest and down his abdomen. I had never touched a man this closely and I suppose my curiosity was getting the best of me. My cheeks flushed at how...manly Loche was. No Fae man I had ever witnessed shirtless had ever looked how Loche looks. My body began to warm up as my hands danced up and down his skin, watching the marvel take place. Scales appeared lightly where my hands touched and I just thought it was the coolest thing to witness.

A groan emitted from his lips, before he shifted, pulling me flush against his the point where no more space was between us. I could feel something odd pressing into my lower stomach.

His one hand was on my lower back and the other I could see was near his side. If it was not his hands could it be...oh my. My cheeks began to burn as I attempted to get away from him. His short trousers could not even save me from what lay between his legs!

"L-Loche wake up!" I told him as he growled at me. Yes, growled! How rude.

He shifted even more and I gasped. I was just going to pass out at any moment. "Loche um you are being very inappropriate in your sleep!"

I let lose a yelp as I was quickly flipped unto my back. "L-Loche...hi," I gulped as his eyes were now open and he was glaring down at me as if I had done something awful to him.

His eyes were very still as they seemed to be paying attention to my lips. Thinking he was about to kiss me, I closed my eyes and waited for a kiss. When he did no such thing, my eyes flew open.

His lips were hovering dangerously close over my own and I felt anticipation wash over me. I wanted him to kiss me. Badly. "Estelle what do you think you were doing?" He questioned me quietly, our lips skimming one another as he spoke.

I wanted him to kiss me, and he was not doing it! " was just feeling you," I searched for words as his lips left my own and skimmed down my neck. My breath left me in a gasp, an odd sensation thrummed through my body. Why was it suddenly so difficult to breathe? "Wh-why are you acting like this, Loche?" I whimpered. I could not think straight!

"At least I am not trying to disrobe myself," he spoke as his warm breath sent chills all over my body. Was he referring to the awful things I said last night? I could not handle all of this, this morning! All so sudden and he was so close! "And you still did not answer my question."

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