Thirty Four

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"Your hair is beautiful, Princess."

I smiled brightly at one of the maids who was tasked with getting me dressed today. I awoke to an empty bed and immediately was upset by it. I hoped to see Loche come to bed last night to put my fears about him to rest.

Instead I did not receive much sleep. I thought all night and almost most of the morning about what I would do about the talk I had with the king. The king, Loche's own father claimed that Loche loathed liars and deceitfulness. I was being both towards him. Deceitful and a liar.

Would he call off our marriage? Or would he yell at me..or worse? I cannot imagine Loche hurting me. Yelling a bit yes, but purposely hurting me... The King seems to think Loche is capable of terrible things. I have seen what Loche and his dragon could do when angered...I saw it when he found me and Dale. When he bit into my skin and claimed in a way that loche even said was not the usual way.

Loche's dragon...which I come to call him Gaul likes me a lot. It is Loche who I am not sure likes me so much. I like him, a lot though! Even if he did not smile much and has a sharp tone at times...he can be sweet.

He agreed to be my friend and go to the meadows with me. He told me not to be embarrassed about such embarrassing things when we were in the bathing pool. Loche cared for me...he told me so. I think?

"Oh my...your highness is everything alright?"

I looked up and realized that a look of horror was crossing the maids features as tears streaked down my cheeks and dribbled down to my chin. Oh, I was crying!

"Oh yes I am fine. I was thinking about a-a sad song is all. I am fine."

The maid laughed softly. "Oh ok! I am done fixing your hair. The prince requested you wear this to morning meal today."

I wiped at my cheeks and looked up at what she was holding. A rather large necklace glittered in heavy jewels. "Oh...tis so shiny!"

"It is!" She said excitedly as she placed it on my neck. Is death by jewels a thing?! Surely no one can wear this jewelry for the whole day? Maybe after first meal Loche will not see me again til later and I will be able to take this heavy jewelry off?

"When did the prince tell you to give me this? I...I have not seen him since yesterday."

She smiled. "He mentioned it to me before he left on horseback last night. I assume he knew he was not going to make it to your chambers tonight and left this as a gift of repentance? Or maybe because you were hurt by those awful men? He has much jewelry stored up for you."

Jewels? For me? Repentance? "Is that...normal?"

"Is what normal Princess?"

I stared at the woman through the mirror. "Dragon men giving gifts?" Fae men often recited poetry or gave flowers when one wanted to flatter, charm or gift their lover anything. I suppose heavy jewels was nice too though!

She put a finger to her cheek. "Oh yes! Giving jewels and gold is the upmost important gifts. My husband is a guard here and he gives me small jewels when we can afford to."

I placed my hand on the heavy necklace. Oh Loche! He is so sweet. I am going to ignore all the awful things his father has said and trust my heart! Trust the Loche I know and not the Loche that his father knows... Does that make sense? Maybe it does not, I am rather hungry. Sweet bread and fruits will help me think better.

Once I was finishing dressing, I made my way out of my chambers and was met with four guards and Keynai!

"Su Anyi! You look...much better. I will not ever, ever let you out of my sight!" He cried out as he fell to his knees and grasped at the bottom of my dress.

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