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Once I had thoroughly entertained the fae, I made my way back to the palace. I had no time to stand aroud and speak to the soldiers. They were already riled up from what they had witnessed and hopefully the blood that was split was enough blood to push them to do better at their sparring matches. They were pitiful.

As soon as I reached the palace, I made my way up to Estelle's room. I knocked on the door a few times before it was being swung open. Estelle stood in the threshold with an unsure look on her face.

Her eyes were glowing that peculiar color again and her face seemed a bit flushed. "Oh...Loche what took you so long? You said you would not harm Keynai, right?"

"I did not kill him," I told her as I brushed pass her to enter the room. "How is your sister?" I questioned, not wishing to bring up the subject of the shadow fae.

I walked in to see her sister with the royal medic standing over her. He seemed puzzled. She was laying on her stomach. Sleep maybe.. the dress that she wore of course had half of the back cut out of it for her wings...but the skin where her wings were supposed to sprout from were violently crimson and blue.

"She is...well it is not good," Estelle whispered beside me as I glared at the medic. He visibly gulped as I made my way over to him. Medics, always scared. Ridiculous for such a profession where you see so much blood.

"Um...your highness wh-what would you like me t-to uh do?" The medic asked. The lanky man with his surgical satchel stared down at the fae as if he had no idea what to do.

"We have wings. She has wings. Figure something out," I ordered the man as I watched Estelle mumbling things under her breath.

The medic was clueless. He should know what to do, but he was a doctor for dragon shifters. Not fae.

Estelle seemed to be assessing her sisters injury. "I need something for pain for her. I need vari root, resi buds, lavender oil, elo stalks, and lemon. Can anyone please send for that?"

"Princess unfortunately in our kingdom most of those things do not grow..." he trailed off as his eyes locked with my own. So he just assumed they are not here? The look I gave him had him singing a vastly different tune. "Of course! Of course, I-I will be right back!"

I watched Estelle wipe the sweat from her sisters forehead. She seemed extremely flustered. "What is wrong with her? You can heal her with those items?" I questioned, curious on what healing powers the fae people had. I have always heard of the legends. Able to heal with their special plant life and bond with nature. That would be useful to know with the amount of injuries we have here.

"I-I cannot heal people!" She gasped. She visibly cringed and then looked at me warily. Why are women so emotional? It was a simple question.

She cleared her throat, "I could make her better but I...I..." She trailed off, pressing her lips together and looking down. She took a deep breath, "She awoke in pain on our way back. She...she needs help from our home. I am  just making a salve to stop the pain...the healers at home will know better then me," she whispered softly. Her eyes watered. "I cannot, I cannot do anything."

No sad fae.

"Of course you cannot do anything. You are not a medic not healer." Her glowing eyes began to leak. This woman is like a waterfall of emotions. "What happened, why is her back like that?" Maybe if I force her to keep talking the tears will cease.

"Well usually, when we want to put our wings away our mind just listens to the command...Juni was trying to tuck her wings away but her senses would not allow her to correctly, so as soon as she hit the ground I am guessing that forced the wings back in," Estelle explained as she began to brush her sisters hair with her fingers.

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