-Twenty & a half-

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"Okay...step one," I rehearsed in my mind as I began to open the sack of my items. It was rather difficult to do since my hands were shaking entirely too much.

My eyes scanned over the list that Juni had made for me. First things first was to change from my clothes!

It was very complicated for me to get out of my dress, and I wished dearly that maybe a local animal would have fingers to help, but no! Tis not possible..

After I had managed to undress, I glanced around making sure no one was around. It would be incredibly embarrassing if someone were to see me in the nude in the forest! After I had folded my dress, I slipped on another very nice and flexible Fae dress that was usually used by dancers. The one both Cael and Loche made me put a cloak over myself wearing.

Once I finished up dressing and packing up my dress I took a few dried berries from a folded cloth and munched on them. I wondered if Loche was still waiting to find me..I did not actually hear a loud roar yet.

As soon as I thought about it...long and hard...a noise sounded. A noise that sounded like it could strip the bark from a tree! A noise that sounded like a mountain moving...that had to be Loche. In his dragon form.

With shaky hands I grabbed my sack and tied it around my waist. Where would he look first? Three spots he would have to roam to find me. The forest, the mountains and the plains. The mountains was where I hoped he would look first. It was a large cluster of them and some had caves on the side. I hoped he took the time to look in each and every one. That would take a few hours. Or at least I had hoped.

Juni and I had gone to the plains the day before last and buried some little items of mine that a dragon would be able to sniff out. That would occupy him also. I had made sure it was not against the rules of course, I could never cheat!

While Juni, Winona, and I had thought of ideas in how to keep hidden Cael volunteered to fly me to the mountains as a possible spot. I told him not to. That would be the first place Loche would look since it was the farthest. Or so I thought.

I had told them I wanted to hide in the forest and they all three disagreed! Harkin was the only one who agreed with my decision. Sweet, sweet Harkin! Winona told me the valley of a mountain was nice and safe. Juni thought that the forest was an awful place since it was so close...but I thought it was perfect. It was large, a vast amount of places to hide, and woodland creatures. Plus Cael told me Dragons do not like the forest!

As the time ticked by my confidence heightened. Yes, I was hiding in a hollowed log...and my body was rather cramped but I had not heard a word from a dragon! Which was a grand thing.

I even found some berries to eat while waiting. As soon as I felt comfortable enough to make a slight yawn...I heard something.

Had I been entirely too confident? Fear gripped me as I removed the blanket of leaves I had used to hide me. My hearing was better which was odd and every little thing I flinched at! It was as if I was more aware and I had a feeling it had to do with that nasty liquid Loche forced into my mouth.

My eyes searched the forest, and listened closely. Trying to hear a growl...a roar. Something! Anything!

I calmed down a bit once I did not hear the noise again, but now I was on edge! How long had it been? Where was Loche now? I gathered my sack, and scattered the leaves I was using everywhere. If they looked like a perfect pile he might come across it!

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