Thirty Three

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"I will take that as a yes," Estelle giggled as her eyes focused on my lips. Her soft lips smothered any protest I was about to give her. as her lips planted against my own once again. How does a woman half my size, silence me? Not caring for the reason, I deepened our kiss while also attempting not to grip her hips too tight at the delicious friction between us.

Mate. Fae.

The scent of her arousal had me adjusting her, pressing my shaft between her split thighs. Why on earth did her scent make me want to rip off this flimsy dress and take what I needed from her. The more I rocked her against my throbbing manhood, the more of her scent bloomed, ingraining itself in my nostrils. Blinding me from logical thought.

"Loche," she broke our lips apart to say my name with her thick faenor accent, her eyes hooded with lust and uncertainty. Her legs trembled and hips stiffened before her lips parted in a silent moan. Alazar did tell me how sensitive women were when he explained the workings of women and sex but I had no idea it would be like this. I did not even have my cock in her...

Yes. Mate pretty fae!

Before I could reason with him, a loud knocking shocked both of us out of our lust riddled actions. Estelle placed her head on my shoulder and groaned loudly. "I...I am sorry for that. Tis most embarrassing."

Embarrassing? I had words for what just transpired between us and that word did not come to mind at all. "You are my wife. You should not be embarrassed about anything that happens between us. " Now what would be uncomfortable, not embarrassing would be me going to the door with the stiffest cock I have ever had and attempting at being cordial to whomever was on the other side.

She didn't move and I think that had something to do with her embarrassment still. She was even hiding her face. "Estelle, let me see who is at the door. We can continue you taking advantage of me later."

My poor wife gasped, and immediately scrambled off of my lap, a shocked look to her face. "Y-you no! It, it was not like that!"

"Sure. As if making me carry you into this bathing pool and taking care of you was not all apart of your plan," I told her deadpan like as she put her hands over her mouth in disbelief that I would say such a thing. It would also distract her from my very obvious stiffness I was sporting.

"You take that back, Loche! I am not a conspirator. Yes I like kissing but I would not lie to get to your lips!" She cried out as I could no longer hold my lie. It was cruel to keep up such an act with her. I chuckled, watching her eyes widen. "You three eyed toad!"

I have never seen one before but I am sure that was an insult. Ignoring my wife's fussing, I made my way over to the door, and I growled at the scent.

"Prince Loche you cannot keep me from my poor sister anymore!  I know you want me to leave but not before I see her!" It was Juniper of course. I would have to explain to Estelle that she is married now and Juniper was an unnecessary person in the castle... I am sure that will go over terrible.

I cracked the door open slightly and glowered at the short fae woman. A guard was next to her and looked apologetically towards me. "Forgive me your highness, she tricked me."

"Loche you big oaf! Let me see my baby sister!"

A growl left my lips as I kept the door stable, while she pushed at it. "We are not dressed. Wait down the hall and when I leave you can come and be a nuisance to my wife.

Her face morphed from annoyance to anger...then she blushed. "N-not dressed! What do you mean not dressed. I...ugh! I hate you dragon men!" She stormed down the hallway and the guard accompanied to her almost fell on his face bowing to me.

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