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The dry, cracked earth kicked up brown chalk like dust as I drug my feel lazily against the parched ground. Disoriented vision and confusion were the cause of my 'drunken' stumbling as I attempted to keep myself upright.

It was as if I was swimming, no drowning in my thoughts. The anger I was feeling multiplied tenfold as the reality of my situation crashed down upon me like a wave.

I, the sole heir to the Drakonian kingdom have been drugged. Shame and fury weighed down my sweaty form, a stern jab to my stomach aided in my staggering body.

"You men are all the same."

A harsh female voice spat, my shaken hands reached up to my temples, kneading them for relief. So this is what it has come to? Treacherous snake.

"Thinking with the body and not the mind!"

A snarl pressed past my lips as a sharp blow came into contact with my chest, making me stumble backwards. "You drugged me!" I roared out in anger, my behemoth attempting to help drag me out of the muck of whatever was dulling my senses.

Although my body was being manipulated, my ears could pick up an odd whizzing sound slicing through the air.

It was another dagger. I leant back, thinking I was just in time before it hit me. Unfortunately, I am dealing with trickery, and it grazed my face. My behemoth could very well take over and end her, end this drawn out match.

One long dark braid whipped around me like lightning, as she twirled effortlessly around my heavy body, hitting just the right spots. The spots to end a fight.

"Strike while the iron is hot, Iona!"

That voice. Of course that imbecile would put her up to this. Hearing that voice gave me enough strength to fight through the haze and grapple at my sword.

"You wench! Come and fight!" I snarled, as I could hear her dark chuckle echoing throughout my mind as I staggered forward. I thought there was only one of Iona, but now three appeared.

I charged at one figure, realizing nothing was happening. I immediately went after the second. "You bastards!" I spat, as I was finally met with the real her.

The sound of metal slicing through the air boggled my mind and angered my behemoth.

"Iona cease playing with your food and finish him!"

At those words, her swings and jabs became more powerful and dangerous. My behemoth was scratching to get out, the drug severely impacting our skills.

With the strength my behemoth gave me, skin shifted to scale as soon as her sword struck my arm. Using my strength I grabbed at the weapon and tossed it aside, a smile now on my weakened face.

Before I could even gather the strength to swing my sword once more, I felt metal pressing against the side of my neck. The scent of pine invaded my nostrils as a deep chuckle sounded in my ear.

"You fail, Prince!"

I stifled my pain as the blade ran over the skin of my neck slightly, causing it to split and bleed. It would heal soon, but the pain was immediate.

"You filthy bastard," I spat. I staggered away from my uncle, before falling backwards. I hit the dry ground with a thud, my breathing now labored.

"General Iona thank you for helping with this sparring match." Alazar gave praise to the General as I struggled to throw curses of the ancients his way. The old fool.

A feminine laugh floated past me. "Of course, Prince Alazar. At first I thought against it but when you mentioned dipping the daggers in poison, well I could not refuse such an opportunity."

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