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Dear Estelle,

I need help. Dinah is trying to marry me off to an elderly icky heathen, who is about twice the age of Uncle Alazar! Dinah is trying to crown herself Queen since her father is gravely ill now. I do not know what to do so maybe you can talk to Loche so that he can help. I cannot get married and do the forbidden acts with that old piece of bread, I rather Cael. DO NOT TELL HIM I SAID THAT. Anyway please help and do write back to tell me if Loche and you have done anything forbidden! ANYTHING AT ALL I AM BORED IN THIS CASTLE AND I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ACTS THAT ARE FORBIDDEN. NO ONE WANTS TO TELL ME ABOUT THEM HERE.

Love Juniper

"Hide it."

Alazar stared at me in disbelief as he clutched the letter from the thorn in my side or well my sister by marriage. "What do you mean to hide it?"

My Uncle was glaring at me as I stood from my seat, taking the letter from his hands. "I am not worrying myself with her issues, I have issues of my own to deal with Uncle. Did you get into contact with the King of Lycea?"

"So you will just ignore the fact that a potentially mad woman is trying to be crowned Queen of an allied nation?" The fae are not a threat and will never be a threat. Sure the older sister is probably scorned but she will not be idiotic enough to do anything about her anger. If this were a warring nation I would be mildly concerned but, they are peaceful.

Alazar has never been married, he does not understand what I am dealing with. Nor has he ever been close to becoming King. "My concern is ensuring the coronation goes smoothly and that my wife is fine."

He placed his hand over his heart and stumbled. "Why would Estelle not be fine? She seemed fairly happy earlier. She had a basket full of flowers and was heading off somewhere with that fae man."

"The shadow Fae?"

He shook his head. "No the dirt fae I think you refer to him as."

Pretty fae ours.
Kill dirt.

"What is it? You have a murderous look in your eyes," Alazar chuckled as if it were comical. Estelle has been acting differently. I am not sure what it is but something is odd about her. Maybe she is just nervous about the coronation.

I set my writing utensil down and stared at my uncle. Lately, I have been increasingly agitated if I am not near her and it seems as if she is avoiding me. All I can think about is her and it is a complete inconvenience. "Do you recall when I was a hatchling and you used to tell me about marriage?"

Alazar seemed interested now. "Of course. I remember everything I told you as a hatchling. May I remind you, you were a little tyrant. Just awful."

Children were never in the castle so I can only guess how much of a 'tyrant' I was. Alazar would bring me to his training sessions when I was a child and that was where I saw other hatchlings and young bloods. Mostly high-ranking soldiers children. That is how I met Iona.

"You told me specifically about when a man knows that his wife is the one...I told Estelle that and ever since then she has been acting differently." It should not matter if she did not love me. I knew she liked me as a husband and I am also aware that she is tied to me forever. So why am perturbed?

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