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Find. Fae.

A disgusted snarl left my lips as I paced impatiently around the Faenor throne room. Bright and floral colors oozed off of the paintings, the drapes hanging from the unnaturally high ceilings, and of course the long carpet that stretched from the door to the jewel encrusted throne.

The fae had an obsession with the light pastel like colors of flowers and it showed. Nothing about this room screamed regal. Flowers adorned every other pedestal where a bust was not present. The only thing that was dark or fitting of a throne room was the deep purple color, the official colors of the Faenor people.

At least the large shield placed above the wall of the throne seemed somewhat fitting of royalty. It was a symbol of a woman covered in vegetation and surrounded by animals...

"Lochelan would you sit down? You have been on edge since we got here. You need some fresh air," Alazar snapped. He of course did not understand the situation I was dealing with.

My imbecile of a behemoth was currently urging me to stalk all over the castle to look for that odd eyed woman. Or the fact that I am loathing taking on another responsibility, a wife. A whole person I will have to 'give my devotion' to. I already run behind my father as if he is a hatchling, now I have to run after a woman who is of no importance to me?

Not to mention the painstaking task of being around her constantly and impregnating her. Children were something I knew I had to have but the task of having to be intimate with a woman I did not care for did not appeal to me in the slightest.

"Here have a...rose cake?"

A smell that was in no way delectable reached my nose. It smelled sweet and nothing I wanted near me. I glanced at the assorted colorful platters of food that they had 'given' us while we impatiently wait. All sweets and vegetables. No meat. What is wrong with these people? How did they ever expect not to be weak when meat and vigorous training make you strong?

"I rather eat the guard," I snapped, realizing that the guard in fact heard my outburst. The man gripped his scepter tight, his fear rolling off of him in waves. Alazar did nothing but laugh at my comment and continue to stuff his face with the unnecessarily sweet 'foods.'

As soon as I was ready to question down the guard of the location of the Faenor king and his daughters a sound as if wings were flapping made me pause my question.

Looking up at the high ceilings, eyes bounced from wooden beam to wooden beam until I located a man standing atop of one of the beams high up near the ceiling.


Large and thin iridescent grey wings were proudly on display behind the man before he jumped off the beam and began to soar down to the ground. His thin fae wings surprisingly held up his tall frame.

"Ah, Oberon Nyx!" Alazar greeter the man who landed a few steps away from us. His clothing was a rich and deep purple, instead of a golden crown he wore a crown of...flowers. His long umber colored beard reach down to his abdomen, along with the hair on his head.

The man smiled widely, a smile that grabbed me by the neck and sunk its polite fangs into my skin. It was a smile that could warm a heart of stone or get him eaten. "It is I Oberon Amaranth Nyx! I beg for forgiveness of my tardiness," the man spoke as one of the guards rushed over to him with a well crafted wooden staff.

Oberon Nyx immediately began to walk with it, drawing closer to us. The intense limp the king had was yet another reason why I disliked him and this entire arrangement. A smart king would have greeted us on his throne or continually flying, not walking, showing an obvious weakness. Did this man forget we are dragons?

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