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"Stelle...will you tell me what happened?"

I sighed, cradling a yellow tulip petal in my hands. The flower had died...unfortunately. Juniper gave it to me while I was recovering from such an awful state.. She told me that it was alive or she thought it was alive when she had given me such a beautiful flower.

She also told me that once she was dressed she was escorted to the dining hall but I was gone and so was Prince Loche. Then the king made her finish first meal and would not let her go til she finished!

"I ate fish today," I said quietly.

A gasp from Juniper, had her standing up, and grabbing me by the shoulders. "Why on earth would you do such a thing? Father has raised us well...you should not succumb to the pressures of meat eaters, Stelle! You know better! As many times as we helped poor fish, you turn your back and eat one!"

I felt my eyes water. I thought that if I confess maybe I would feel better. I do not though! My stomach is turning to mush once more! "Tis not my fault! Loche yelled at me...he scares me. I did not want him to yell so I just ate it. I-I cried horribly after and he told me stop eating it because I was so upset."

Juni was silent. "Then I felt sick and ran. Prince Loche caught me and I vomited over both of us!" I began to cry and speak, surprise that my sister understood what I was saying. "I- feel awful. I ate one whole piece. I-I am so ashamed. Do not tell father, please!"

I felt Juniper wrap an arm around me. "I will not...but you cannot do that, Stelle. You cannot change your views...your ways because of him. Maybe little adjustments, but not this."

"I know...I will tell him next time I will never, ever lift meat up to my lips ever again!" I declared wiping at my cheeks as Juni clapped in encouragement.

"Yes, you tell him Stelle!"

I smiled at my sister as I began to wipe at my cheeks. What better time to tell Prince Loche I will never eat meat again than now. "I think I will find prince Loche and stand up to him."

My sister nodded her head in encouragement. "You fell better yes? Before you tell that baboon where he can place his meat!" I do not think name calling is that nice. Mama always taught as name calling is like saying cursed words so I try not to. I did call a man a pig head after he told juniper she was not pretty and had crows feet! Just because she cannot dance so well. Tis so rude!

"I am better. I promise!"

I dressed quickly, and even pulled my bountiful hair back holding it together with a ribbon. This would be a serious conversation I would have! I would not use my hair to shy away or twirl in my fingers. I am a strong Su Anya and I will stand up to the dragon prince.

On our search to find Prince Loche and tell him how I felt, we ended up in a garden behind the castle. It was beautiful and I began to concentrate on the little flowers blooming about...how I wish to be a flower!

"Estelle, Focus! We need to find Prince Loche," my sister frowned as I petted a violet petal before looking around the garden. A lot of guards were around but they were avoiding eye contact with us. I wonder why...

"Su Anyas! Where are you two going!?" I cringed at how loud Keynai was. He was rushing towards us with full force as Juni huffed in exasperation. I had not noticed him all morning and was a bit happy too, even though that is awful of me go say. Keynai can be a bit...intense at times and I could not fathom if he were to see that I ate fish. He would birth I am sure!

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