Chapter 45

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5 months later...

Jeongin was terrified. His heart was racing, the blood rushing through his ears. He felt as though everyone in the room was staring at him. The eyes of the crowd bore into his, burning wholes in his freshly cleaned school uniform. He looked in front of him. It was nearly his turned. Clasping his hands together in an attempt to stop them from shaking, Jeongin took a step forward. 

"Yang Jeongin" His name echoed throughout the hall. People clapped politely, but most was drowned out by the cheering at the back of the hall. Jeongin, trying his best not to die of embarrassment, stepped up onto the stage and smiled at the school principle. With a huge wave of relief, Jeongin bowed low and accepted his graduation certificate. 

Trying his best not to trip, Jeongin made his way across the stage to stand next to his classmates. Jeongin smiled out at the crowd, scanning it. in the direct front were the other classes, and behind them was the parents. All clutching flowers and wiping stray tears from their eyes as they watched their child graduate. But who Jeongin was looking for wasn't there. His eyes travelled to the back of the hall. His mother, not in her nursing uniform for once, stood with tears flowing down her face clapping frantically. Next to her was Chan, he was smiling brightly and clapping along with everyone else, as well as the occasional cheer. And standing next to him... 

Was Hyunjin. Clapping louder than anyone else in the room. Jumping up and yelling louder than anyone else in the hall. A few people turned to look at the excited idol, whispering to their neighbours. But Hyunjin didn't care. Catching Jeongin's eyes, he waved frantically pulling out his biggest and brightest smile. Jeongin blushed deeply at the attention and looked down at his feet. A few parents put two and two together, looking judgingly between the idol and the student. 

 "Congractalous class on graduating" The Principle called. The crowd erupted into another round of applause, parents standing up to welcome their child off the stage. Jeongin had barely made it off the bottom step before he was knocked over by a blur of white fabric and black hair.

"Well done Innie!" Hyunjin cried, squeaking the boy so tight that his face began to turn blue. 

"Hyunjin! let the poor boy breath!" Chan chuckled, walking up to the pair.

"Oops, sorry," Hyunjin said, quickly releasing Jeongin who desperately gasping for air now. 

"Congratulations Honey" Mrs Yangs said, gently patting her son on back. Jeongin smiled widely up at the group in front of them. 

"Thank you all for coming," Jeongin said, managing to stand up straight. 

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Hyunjin said swinging an arm around Jeongin shoulders and placing a quick peck on his boyfriend's cheek. Jeongin's face explode with colour and quickly stared at his shoes, while the group cooed at his shyness. 

"Come on, let's go get something to eat" The group began to weave their way through the crowds of families, all hugging and exchanging compliments. Jeongin smiled at people as they passed. Waving at Jisung and Felix who were talking the other side of the room. 

"Aren't you going out with them tonight?" Hyunjin asked his arm still securely around Jeongin's shoulder. 

"Not tonight," Jeongin replied. "We decided that we would spend this time with our families and Saturday night together." Hyunjin nodded. 

"Dam, I think I have a schedule on Saturday night" Hyunjin muttered as they approached the glass doors leading to the exit. 

"Yeh, hanging out with me and my friends" Jeongin giggled, winding one of his arms around the idol's waist. 

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