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MESSAGE  ||  NCT by 00_Baejin_05
"Who is she?" ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ What if you meet someone from Instagram and your members gained interest in her? Will they meet her? Will they be with h...
  • chenle
  • winwin
  • jeno
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beware || seo changbin by emmybreann
beware || seo changbinby emmy
Everyone keeps telling me to be careful and stay away from him. {UNEDITED. grammar mistakes bc i don't proof read since i'm so busy and want to update asap for y'all}
  • skz
  • seungmin
  • leeknow
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DNYL || lee jeno by hozeokz
DNYL || lee jenoby ッ
"aren't we breaking the rule?"
  • jaemin
  • haechan
  • nct
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Stray Kids 10th Member by skzleeyongbok
Stray Kids 10th Memberby Yongbokie
Stray Kids 10th member is a girl, the only girl in the group how will the public react to this?
  • shinyuna
  • kimseungmin
  • leechearyeong
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Condoms/ Han Jisung  by YUKHE1S
Condoms/ Han Jisung by 𝓗𝓙
"Uhh, where are the condoms?" HIGHEST RANKING #2 in Kpopfanfic #10 in Stray Kids #9 in Kpop #1 in Jisung
  • romance
  • straykids
  • kpop
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princess|| han jisung  by _potaetoes_
princess|| han jisung by i stan gays
**lowercase intended** han jisung added you. [accept] decline MAJOR EDITING IN PROGRESS ~~~ !!THIS STORY MAY CONTAIN CUSSING AND VIOLENT ACTIONS!!
  • jeongin
  • bangchan
  • changbin
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Say, I Love You ; Stray Kids Jisung Fanfic ✔️ by Loading_not_today
Say, I Love You ; Stray Kids Jisun...by Long-Hiatus
He came into her life without her asking and he wants to stay with her even when she's pushing him away from her miseries. She wish for someone to hear her cries and so...
  • woojin
  • changbin
  • random
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secretive || felix x reader [ ✓ ] by liquorss
secretive || felix x reader [ ✓ ]by ashley
watch what you say about your favorites, you never know if they are acting like someone else online lowercase intended | ©liquorss { BEST RANKING ; #2 IN STRAYKIDS 0319...
  • seungmin
  • jisung
  • straykids
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text || seungjin by hnjiseong
text || seungjinby anne
Annoyed with Hyunjin texting him at 1 in the morning, Jisung decides to give his friends number to Hyunjin for him to bother.
  • han
  • leeknow
  • hyunmin
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✧ 𝕟𝕔𝕥 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤 ✧ by parkexlo
✧ 𝕟𝕔𝕥 𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤 ✧by 𝐫𝐞𝐱
✎ requests are open ! this is not just an imagine book! I will be including reactions, MTL's, texts, fluff, and many more! you can tell me what you want and I'll try m...
  • kun
  • ten
  • jaehyun
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Moving in with the Parks (Jisung x reader) [COMPLETED] by 1-800-FANGIRLS
Moving in with the Parks (Jisung x...by {hiatus}
"He's got a younger brother around your age. I'm sure you two will hit it ri-" I walk out of the room, cutting my sister off. Is she insane? Y/N's older siste...
  • jisung
  • nct
  • nctdream
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Clumsy ➹ Hyunjin by sterllaa
Clumsy ➹ Hyunjinby I’m sad and lonely
An outgoing and extravagantly clumsy girl, what could go wrong in her pursuit to befriend the new kid? ~ Reader x Stray Kids' Hwang Hyunjin
  • seungmin
  • minho
  • jisung
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CHERRY COLA ♡  (MinSung) ✅ by bearhugwithbunny
CHERRY COLA ♡ (MinSung) ✅by bearhugwithbunny
🍒Jisung is spending two weeks at his friend Bang Chan's home in summer; it was supposed to be relaxing but it's kinda hard when a super hot resident named Minho keeps t...
  • skz
  • jisung
  • changlix
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I'm living with Stray Kids?!// Stray Kids Fanfiction  // by Lixs_Freckles
I'm living with Stray Kids?!// Str...by Lixs_Freckles
You are Chan's little sister. You are moving in with him for school until you get your own place. But that includes living with 8 other boys......
  • kpopgroup
  • 3racha
  • kpopidols
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Sun ∥ 10th Member of Stray Kids by SnaffleKpop
Sun ∥ 10th Member of Stray Kidsby ✻ᵇˡᵘᵐᶦˡᵏ✻
☆彡The sunshine of Stray Kids, Theodosia Seo aka Sun. ミ☆ 『Sun the youngest member of Stray Kids works as hard as any other idol to prove her place in her group. She won'...
  • wattys2019
  • kpopfanfic
  • kpopgroups
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mayonnaise | skz chatroom by via-pwark
mayonnaise | skz chatroomby 𝚟𝚒 👽
felix: is mayonnaise an instrument jisung: yes minho: wtf- highest rankings: #1 in #changlix #1 in #seungjin #1 in #woochan #5 in #minsung #9 in #straykids
  • changbin
  • woojin
  • skz
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opposite § han jisung  by hhjinyoung
opposite § han jisung by adri
¡ they didn't expect they would fall in love with each other
  • jisung
  • hanjisung
  • han
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NCT Angsts by strayhyunjeans
NCT Angstsby strayhyunjeans
side effects may include: tears, excess use of tissues, heartache, and other symptoms of sadness requests: open [please request for a member because idk how to choose w...
  • xiaojun
  • taeil
  • nct127
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My First and Last | Na Jaemin by jaemyths
My First and Last | Na Jaeminby 𝑥𝑜, 𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑒♡
ㅡ in this game called love, the first one to fall loses. NCT's Jaemin returns from hiatus only to find out that a girl, which happened to be Mark Lee's sister is living...
  • marklee
  • huangrenjun
  • haechan
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DEMON// Changbin x reader by hiraeth_heathens
DEMON// Changbin x readerby yeah idk either
When the demon possessed Y/N, her initial thought probably should have been to try to escape it - not to befriend it. And certainly not to fall in love with it. ---- C...
  • woochan
  • minho
  • mind
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