Chapter 2

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"Alright class, that's all for today" The teacher called out. The class mumbled in reply and started packing up. Jeongin let out a yawn and stretched back in his chair, he wanted to go home but he couldn't. He packed up his things slowly, as always, and waited for the rest of the class to filter out into the corridor then out of the school.  He took a deep breath and stepped out in the corridor. 

There were a few people milling around in the corridor when Jeongin arrived at his locker. Not wanting to talk to anyone, the brown-haired boy quickly emptied his bag and headed off to detention. When he arrived only a few people were there people were in the room. He bowed his head and scurried to a site.

To waste time Jeongin pulled out his phone and opened Instagram. And of course, the first picture to appear was of Hyunjin. A small smile filled Jeongin's face as he studied the picture of the tall black-haired man. His features were so perfect that it was hard to believe he was real.

One thing to know about Yang Jeongin: he is the biggest fan of Hwang Hyunjin. Jeongin still remembers the fateful day he came home from school and opened youtube to find a video on his recommended. It was of a new solo artist from JYP entertainment, called Hyunjin. He clicked on the video and had been shocked ever since.

Of course, he tried to keep this as low key as possible but it's not like anyone else in the school cared about him, apart from Felix. So his room was cover, from wall to wall, in posters. His bookshelf full of the idol's albums. His photo gallery filled the pictures of the beautiful looking male.

Jeongin scrolled on through his feet, liking the odd picture of Hyunjin. He stopped on a post, it was from JYP official, it read:

Dear all Hyunjin fans!!
He his holding a concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on November 15th!!!
For one night only!!
Tickets go on sale tonight at 7:00 pm!!
Good luck.

Jeongin couldn't breathe. The Seoul Olympic Stadium was only a bus ride away from his house. He could go to a Hyunjin concert, for the three years he had been following the artist he had never managed to get up the courage to go to a concert.

Another thing you should know about Yang Jeongin: he has extreme claustrophobia. He hated large crowds, he always felt like he was going to be crushed under the feet of thousands of people. But he thought maybe if he got a seated ticket, he would be saved from most of the crowds.

Jeongin let out a long breath and set multiple alarms to make sure he bought the tickets. He heart was beating at a rapid pace, he could believe that he could see Hyunjin in real life. The idol could be right there, in front of his eyes and not through a screen.

"Alright everyone, off your phones!" The teacher called. Jeongin let out and prepared to count away the hours till he could go home and buy the concert tickets.


Jeongin fumbled with his keys as he walked down the corridor to his apartment. His hands shook slightly with excitement as he approached the door. It took him a couple tries before he got the key into the lock, once he did he quickly unlocked the door and swung it open.

The apartment was dark, having most of the curtains still closed. Jeongin closed the door and removed his shoes. He flicked the light switch, lighting up the small living room that merged into the kitchen. Jeongin walked through the living room, dumping his by the front door. He pulled open the curtains revealing a small view of the city.

Jeongin quickly checked the clock, it read 6:15. He had 45 minutes till the tickets. The small boy rushed down the corridor to his room. He quickly sat down at his desk and pulled open the laptop. It slowly werred in life, almost over heating itself by just turning on.  Jeongin taped impatiently on his desk, he was running out of time (not really). 

The moment the screen burst into life Jeongin was logging on and pulling up Google. As quickly as he could, he pulled up the ticket site and waited with bated breath. The clock ticked ominously, every second was painful. Jeongin kept clicking refresh, waiting for the moment the tickets were realised.

The clock struck 7:00 and the whole world seemed to stop. A small button with the words 'tickets available' and Jeongin strung on it with a fast pace. Moments later another button appeared saying 'buy tickets'. Jeongin didn't bother to look where the ticket was he just clicked buy.

A couple minutes later the screen read 'Thank you for buying a standing ticket to Hyunjin's concert' Jeongin froze. He read the screen again. There was no mistake, he had brought a standing ticket.

"Oh no," Jeongin whispered.

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