Chapter 43

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 The warm, late autumn sun was slowly sliding over the roofs of the cityscape, bathing the world in a fiery orange glows before slipping further behind the horizon. The light bounced off the windows of the city, making the whole city appear as if it had been painted the colour of the sky. A deep purple was carefully crawling its way across the sky, tucking stray bits of light into the deep blanket of night. 

Jeongin sighed as he watched the sky steadily change from blazing orange to a velvety purple. He wanted to go home. The teacher continued to drown on at the front of the class, unaware of the natural beauty steadily disappearing outside the window. Felix was once again busy on his phone. He had been on it all day. Even when they had had lunch with Changbin he was constantly checking it. As well, Felix had been in a weird mood. Jumping every time Jeongin spoke to him. He was hiding something, but Jeongin didn't have the energy to find out what. He'll ask tomorrow.  

Jeongin wasn't in a good mood. Well, he wasn't in an awful mood either, he just wanted to get home. At lunchtime, he had received a notification from a news site involving something to do with Hyunjin. But the moment he saw the idol's name he quickly swiped it way and tried his best not to spend the rest of the day thinking about him.  

If Jeongin was being honest, he missed Hyunjin. Really bad. He missed his morning texts. He missed the long phone calls talking about nothing. He missed his amazing hugs. He missed everything about the idol. But was he going to tell anyone? No. Because that would open up a can of worms Jeongin didn't want to go near. 

The shrill call of the bell smashed through Jeongin's thoughts, bringing him back to reality with a thud. The class let out a small sigh of relief and began chatting loudly about their plans for the rest of the day. Jeongin smiled slightly, he could go home now. With a great amount of effort, Jeongin swung his backpack on his shoulder and headed for the door.  See the younger walk pass him, Felix looked up to see Jeongin heading for the door.

"Wait!" Felix called in a slightly panicked voice. "Where are you going?!" Jeongin raised an eyebrow at his friend. He was acting weird. 

"Home, where do you think I'm going?" Jeongin said over his shoulder. Felix flapped his arms nervously and quickly rushed to his friend's side. What on earth is up with him. 

"Don't you remember, you said we could hang out after school?" Felix said nervously. Jeongin furrowed his eyebrows turning to face his friend fully. 

"I don't remember ever saying that," Jeongin said flatly. 

"Sure you did," Felix laugh nervously. Getting fed up, Jeongin put his hands on his hips and fixed Felix with a hard stare. 

"What is up with you today?" Felix froze where he stood. 

"What- what do you mean?" Felix replied, twisting his fingers nervously. 

"Like this! you've been like this all day and it's clear that you're hiding something from me" All the blood drained from Felix's face. He couldn't be exposed now. Not when they were so close to the end. 

"I..." Felix started. Jeongin stared at him expectedly. Felix sighed and hung his head. "I can't tell you" 

"Why not?" Jeongin asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice. 

"I'll tell you everything tomorrow alright, just not right now" Felix reasoned. Jeongin let out a harsh laugh and shook his head. 

"I thought we told each other everything" Jeongin reasoned. Felix felt a pang of guilt in his stomach. 

"I will! Tomorrow, please Jeongin" Felix tried again but Jeongin wasn't having it. 

"You what forget it," Jeongin said turning on his heels. "I'm going home" 

Felix watched as his best friend walked out of the now deserted classroom. With a groan, he fell back into his chair. He hated himself right now, but it was all for his friends good. He'll thank him tomorrow. Hopefully. 

The blond watched from the classroom, as his friend walked out of the gates and head in the direction of his apartment. With an extra pang of guilt, he pulled his phone out and sent a single text before leaving the classroom himself. 


Jeongin's walk home was brisk. The cool air nipped at his skin, the evening breeze ruffling his hair and slipping underneath his uniform. At this point, he just wanted to go home. All of his emotions were bubbling inside of him, fighting for first place in his mind. His eyes stung furiously from the cold, brings tears fresh to his face. 

Shacking them away, Jeongin turned the corner and saw his building halfway down the street. Never had he been so grateful to see that crumbling building. As he pulled closer, he failed to notice the large black van parked on the other side of the street. 

What seemed like after a lifetime he arrived outside his apartment, but to his surprise when he tried to put his keys in, he discovered that the door was already open. Frowning, Jeongin pushed his way into the apartment. He could have sworn his mother was working till nine tonight. The apartment was dark, but there was a flickering light coming from the sitting room. Maybe his mum had lit some candles. 

"Mum" Jeongin called cautiously into the apartment. There was a rustling noise from the down the corridor and followed by a thud and a whispered curse. Carefully, Jeongin placed down his bag and tiptoed his way into the living. Nerves were slowly building inside of him, a thousand different ideas of what could happen next. 

But he wasn't expecting what greeted him when he turned the corner. 

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