Chapter 1

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"Jeongin! are you listening?" The teacher called from the front of the classroom. Jeongin jumped at the loud noise and lifted his head up from his desk. He smiled shyly at the teacher, half bowing his head in apology. 

"Detention for sleeping in class!" the teacher called. Jeongin groaned and hit his head on the desk. He had fallen asleep again. The young boy sighed and pushed his glasses further up his nose. He walked up to the front of the class to receive his detention slip. As he walked he felt the eyes of the class follow him as he went, he shivered under the attention. He bowed his head low to avoid eye contact with anyone and rushed back to his desk. 

The moment he got back Jeongin, he rested his head down the desk. It wasn't the first time he had been told off for taking a nap in class and it wouldn't be the last. He couldn't help the fact that he didn't understand his homework so ended up doing it late into the night. It also wasn't his fault that Hwang Hyunjin always posted when he got home from school. 

The lesson dragged on and it wasn't long before the bell rang, freeing Jeongin from the lesson. The class around him chatted and laughed around him, slowly filling out into the corridor. Jeongin stayed where he was, he watched the hoards of people pass by the open door all rushing to get to lunch. Just looking at all the people made him feel weak at the knees.

Soon the hallways cleared and the small boy left the class without the fear of being crushed. He made his way through the empty corridors to his locker, from which he grabbed his lunch having never liked eating them in the cafeteria.

"Jeongin!" A voice called causing the boy to turn. A small smiled filled his face at the sight of his friend.

"Hey, Felix" Jeongin replied shutting his locker. The blond hair boy grinned and waited for the other to finish sorting out his stuff.

"Guess what" Felix began. He swung an arm around the younger as they headed out onto the school field.

"What?" Jeongin replied half-heartedly.

"Changbin smiled at me in class today" Felix squealed. Jeongin rolled his eyes earning a smack from his friend.

"Hey, I don't complain when you talk none stop about Hyunjin" Felix argued. Jeongin blushed slightly at the mention of his name and looked away.

"But that's different" Jeongin mumbled placing his bag down on the grass under a big oak tree.

"How?" Felix replied, lying down in the shade of the great tree.

"It-it just is" Jeongin spoke to his lunch as he pulled it out of his bag. Felix snorted but didn't continue the conversation they've had many times. Jeongin pushed his glasses up his nose and pushed the loss strained of wavy brown hair out his eye.

A comfortable silence fell over the pair as they began to eat their lunch. A light autumn breeze passed by, ruffling Jeongin's hair as if it wasn't messy enough. The branches of tree shook, sending a light dusting of orange leaves down on the pair. A couple landed in his hair, standing out against the dark brown of his head. 

"Hmmm, this is nice" Felix mumbles. He let an out groan as he stretched out on the grass. The afternoon sun glanced through the branches of the tree, warming the boys sitting beneath it.

"So Jeongin," Felix began, propping himself up on his elbows. "Do you want to come over to my house after school?"

"I can't" Jeongin replied as he placed his uneaten bread crusts back into their container.

"Let's me guess, you got detention again." Felix sighed and flopped back down the grass. Jeongin twisted his fingers in embarrassment and looked down at his lap.

"You really need to stop sleeping in class" Felix complained. He could bearly spend any time with his friend after school as he either had detention or he needed to do something.

"I know" Jeongin mumbled. Just as he was about the speak again the bell rang up at the school.

"Come on then" Felix grumbled. The blond boy stood up from the group and dusted off the loose grass that had stuck to him. Jeongin nodded and stood up, packing his things very slowly. The pair slowly strolled up to school in hope of missing all the crowds. As expected when they entered the corridor they were basically empty.

"See you then" Felix called heading off down the corridor. Jeongin waved and went in the opposite direction. Has he walked he felt his phone buzz in his pocket? He didn't bother to check it as he didn't his phone taken off him.

He'll check it after school.

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