Chapter 26

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Buzz  buzz  buzz

Hyunjin's phone buzzed in his pocket. The pulled away blushing deeply and pulled out his phone. Jeongin let out a breath and looked away. His legs were shaking underneath him and he felt like his heart might pop out of his chest. 

"That was Woojin, he says we need to go now," Hyunjin said, the blush still obvious on his cheeks. 

"r-right" Jeongin replied. The pair started walking, no longer holding hands. An air of awkwardness had fallen between them, neither of them looking at each other. Both their cheeks were the colour of roses and flaming hot. Although it was only a short walk to where the van was parked it seemed to take forever, a thick silence having appeared between the two. 

When they arrived at the van there was a very angry Woojin waiting for them. If it was possible steam would have been coming out of his ears. Jeongin waited in the car, awkwardly staring at his phone, while Hyunjin shouted at by his manager outside. When Hyunjin entered the van, Woojin had blown off all his steam and a thin silence filled the van. 

Jeongin stared out the window and yawn. All the hot food and the nice walk had made him sleepy. His head began to bob up and down, in an attempt to fight sleep. On the set next to him sat Hyunjin. The idol, who had previously been looking out the window, was now wholly absorbed in watching the younger. The way Jeongin's noise scrunched cutely as he tried not to fall asleep. Hyunjin was trying his best not to combust from the cuteness in front of him. 

"Here" Hyunjin whispered. Jeongin opened his eyes slightly to see Hyunjin offering his shoulder. Jeongin shook his head blushing. Hyunjin sighed and reached up and gently placed the youngers head on his shoulder. 

"I'll wake you when we get there," Hyunjin said softly. Jeongin nodded before closing his eyes and quickly falling asleep. Hyunjin sat and watched the younger sleep, drinking in every detail, memorising every freckle and spot.  Yet as much as the idol tried, he couldn't help but find his eyes wondering to the youngers lips. 

The sudden image of them by the river appeared in Hyunjin's mind. Blushing furiously, Hyunjin shook his head, carefully not to wake the younger. What was he thinking? Why did he do that? All Hyunjin could think about at that moment was the younger's lips. He didn't know why. Once again Hyunjin's eyes travelled down to the younger's lips. But he was curious. IF he had kiss Jeongin would he have kissed back? Would they even be sitting together now? 

"What are you doing to me?" Hyunjin whispered. 

From the front seat, Woojin looked at the couple through his mirror. His heart leapt for the couple and simultaneously dropped. He so badly wants Hyunjin to be happy and Jeongin was the answer to that but he also knew that a massive scandal would come from it. With a sigh, Woojin turned back to the road. It looks like the bridge is closer than expected. 

After a few more minutes, the van arrived at Jeongin's apartment building. The idol roused the younger at tried not to have a heart attack at how cute the small Burnett was. With a smile, Jeongin left the van swiftly followed by Hyunjin the idol insisting he needed to walked to the door. The pair walked up the stairs in silence, the awkwardness had faded from earlier but nothing was said. 

"So..." Jeongin said as they wandered down the corridor. 

"Yeh..." Hyunjin replied. 

"Thank you for this evening, I had a great time" Jeongin mused, stopping in front of his door. Hyunjin hummed in reply and stood awkwardly in front of the younger. 

"Umm Jeongin?" The idol asked tentatively. The younger looked up, his eyes glittering with curiosity. The idol paused for a moment, a live debate happening in his mind. 

"Sleep well" Hyunjin finally said. Jeongin smiled and tried his best to hide his disappointment. The younger didn't know why he was disappointed, he was just expecting something more. 

"I will," Jeongin said, opening his door. The younger turned and looked at the idol. His black hair ruffled and falling over his face. For a moment his brain stopped and all said was kiss him. Jeongin stared for what seemed like an eternity at the idol, fighting with his head.   

"G-goodnight" Jeongin finally said and quickly closed the door behind him. The moment he was alone he let out a groan, running his hands through his hair. 

"I should have kissed him," Jeongin mumbled, slumping against the door. "What am I saying I can't kiss him" 

"But I should have" 



Adrenaline burst through Jeongin's body as he swung the door back open. He sprinted down the corridor, after the tall figure at the stairwell. 

"Hyunjin!" Jeongin called.  

The idol paused and looked back in confusion. 

The smaller ran closer towards him, a small grin on his face. 

The smaller began to slow down, but the carpet was slippier than he remembered. 

"Jeongin what is-" 

And their lips crashed together. 

For a moment they stood their, lips locked, eyes closed enjoying the moment. 

Before Jeongin pulled away blushing. 

"goodnight" The younger whispered before disappearing off down the corridor. 


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