Chapter 25

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"So what are doing?" Jeongin asked excitedly. Both Jeongin and Felix were now sat in the back of Hyunjin's van, speeding towards the centre of the city. True to his word, Hyunjin was waiting for them at the school gates and abducted the pair as soon as he saw them.

"We are going for some Korean BBQ" Hyunjin replied, quickly matching Jeongin's energy. "We can eat as much as we want and only leave when they kick us out" Jeongin giggled at the older fantasy. 

"Sounds fun," Felix said. Hyunjin nodded smiling brightly at the pair. Jeongin smiled back and leaned back in the soft leather of the van.

"Don't eat too much," Woojin called front he drivers seat. "Remember I have to pay for it"

"Like I said, eat as much as you want, especially the expensive beef," Hyunjin said, an evil grin appearing on his face.

"We'll try our best don't worry" Jeongin replied, giggling at the death glare Woojin was giving them through the mirror. Soon the van pulled to a halt outside a large wooden building. All the windows had steamed up from the heat, so only the outlines of people could be seen through the glass.

The group move quickly from the van to the restaurant, the temperature has dropped considerably since picking the younger pair up from school. Soon they were shown to a table and the three of them huddled around the grill.

"So what do you guys want," Hyunjin asked, gesturing to the menu behind him. Jeongin's mouth waters just reading it, and his stomach growl like a wild beast ready for combat.

"I think a bit of everything," Felix said. Jeongin nodded, showing his approvement.

"An excellent chose" Hyunjin smiled and quickly called over the waiter. Jeongin sat for a moment just taking in his surroundings. The building was filled with round tables with grills in the middle. A cosy warmth filled the restaurant making Jeongin yawn.

"You can't be tired, the evenings just beginning," Hyunjin said in protest.

"Don't worry, I'm getting all the yawns out of my system so I can power through the night" Jeongin replied with a broad grin. Hyunjin smiled before excepting a tray of meat from the waiter and start cooking.

The meal flew by. Time passed with laughing, eating and drooling over the smell of cooking meat. Jeongin didn't think he's even eaten this much in his life or laughter so much in one evening. And the company made it even better. The whole time Hyunjin never stopped smiling. His eyes always sparkled with happiness of a glint of something Jeongin couldn't quite figure out. Soon, all the meat was gone and the three of them were nursing large food baby's.

"Ugh, I think I might burst in a minute" Felix groaned, rubbing his stomach.

"Seconded" Jeongin replied. The group fell into silence again, it was only broken by Felix's phone ringing. With a sigh, Felix answered it.

"Hi... Yeh... Yeh... Ok, I'll leave now" Felix ended the call.

"Who was that?" Hyunjin asked, sitting up.

"My mum, she's waiting outside. Looks like I'll have to leave you two." Felix sighed, pulling his coat on.

"Oh no" Hyunjin sigh, looking sad, but probably not a sad as he should have looked.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow Jeongin, it was nice to meet you Hyunjin" and with that Felix left the restaurant. The pair sat for a moment, letting their food digests and enjoying the cosy feeling of the restaurant. 

"The night is still young, do want to go for a walk?" Hyunjin asked. Jeongin nodded and the pair began to put their coats. As the pair were beginning to leave, Woojin walked into the restaurant. Quickly spotting the idol, Woojin walked over. 

"Ok, where do I pay?" Woojin asked in a defeated voice. 

"at the counter" Hyunjin gestured over to where the waiter was standing. With a sigh, Woojin walked over. Once the managers back was turned Hyunjin grabbed Jeongin hand and sprinted out the restaurant. Jeongin stumbled after the Idol, trying his best to keep up with Hyunjin's fast pace.

"Where are we going?" Jeongin called, as they pelted down the street. 

"Away from Woojin, he'll skin me alive when he sees how much we eat" Hyunjin yelled back. True to his word, a shoot came from the other end of the street, which was undeniably Woojin. Hyunjin grinned and tightened his grip on Jeongin's hand. The younger blushed, trying not to focus on the warmth from the older's hand. 

Hyunjin pulled Jeongin across the road and slowed to a walk. Both of them were out of breath but didn't care. Adrenaline still pumping through their veins, and their hands still tightly clamped together. 

"Was that really necessary?" Jeongin asked breathlessly. 

"Yes, because if we hadn't run, I wouldn't be able to spend this time alone with you" Hyunjin smiled turning to the younger. Jeongin blushed and hid himself further into his scarf. 

Hand in hand, the pair made their way down the path by the side of the river. When driving to the restaurant, Jeongin didn't realise how close they were to the river but now he was strolling down it with Hyunjin. The sun had set while they were in the restaurant, causing the city to light up with orange and white lights. The lights reflected in the river cause it sparkles as if full of jewels. No one else walked on the path it was just the pair. It was still and peaceful. 

Nothing was said for a while. The pair just walked, secretly enjoying the feeling of holding the other's hand. Jeongin couldn't have wished for anything more. His heart was pounding in his chest, even though they stopped running a while ago. 

"It's so peaceful tonight" HYunjin mused. Jeongin hummed in response and looked out across the river. The pair came to a stop, looking out at the water. 

"It's really beautiful tonight," Jeongin said, causing Hyunjin smiled.  It was very beautiful tonight. the lights of the city were reflecting on Jeongin's face making him glow and his eyes sparkle. 

"It really is" Hyunjin breathed. Jeongin turned his head to look at the older, only to find Hyunjin staring at him. A light blush spread across Jeongins face, but he couldn't look away. He was caught in the Hyunjin's eyes, in the sparkling pools of brown. 

The world seemed to slow down around them. The was no one else, just to two of them. 

Hyunjin shuffled forward, reducing the distance between them. His hot breath gracing Jeongin's skin. 

Hyunjin's brown eyes flicked from Jeongin's face down to his lips. Air seemed to catch in Jeongin's throat, his heart rate picked up. 

 Lights shimmered all around them. 

Hyunjin leaned in closer. 

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