Chapter 8

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"Are you alright?" 

Through Jeongin's misty vision he could make out a figure. For a brief moment, the small boy suddenly thought that Felix had appeared from thin air to comfort him. His mind still confused for all the crying, Jeongin quickly moved forwards and wrapped his arms tightly around "Felix" in front of him. Jeongin buried his head into the persons chest, seaking comfort for a moment. 

After a few minutes "Felix" slowly raised his hands to rest gently on Jeongin's back, gently returning the hug. Jeongin stayed still for a moment, letting his senses come back to normal. it was warm in the person's arms, he didn't really want to move. But  he had to. Reluctantly, Jeongin released the person and sat back.

"Are you feeling better now?" The voice sound vaguely familiar but Jeongin worry about it. He quickly wiped his eyes and looked, expecting to see Felix. What he saw made his stomach drop through the floor. 

Sitting in front of him was none other than Hyunjin. 

"I'm... I'm fine" Jeongin mumbled. It was all he could say. His mind was spinning thought the fact that he had hugged Hyunjin think it was Felix. He was so stupid. 

"Really?" Hyunjin replied, raising an eyebrow. Jeongin nodded, a wave of shyness coming over him. 

"I'm sorry i hugged, i thought you were someone else," Jeongin barley above a whisper. "I'll get going." With that Jeongin quickly stood up, or tried, as his legs had a different idea. Still weak from all the crying, Jeongin's legs quickly buckled beneath him sending tumbling back to the floor. The small boy quickly closed his eyes waiting to hit the cold floor. Instead a pair of slim arms wrapped around Jeongin, breaking his fall. 

Jeongin quickly opened his eyes to stare into Hyunjin's face. The idol was looking at the boy with worry and concern on his face, which was way to close for Jeongin's liking. The younger blushed deeply and looked down. 

"Can i say that doesn't like very fine to me" Hyunjin said. Jeongin nodded and continued to look at the floor. 

"Don't worry, you can come backstage and i can make you some tea" Jeongin's head shot up to look at the idol. Hyunjin just smiled, showing his white teeth. Jeongin opened his mouth to speak but Hyunjin was already moving. Hyunjin helped Jeongin to his feet and started walking in the direction of the stage. Jeongin kept trying to protest but the idol had seemed to turn deaf to Jeongin's words. 

After a few minutes of walking the pair arrived at a door with the name 'HYUNJIN' written. Jeongin barley had time to read the sign before he was pulled into the room. The dressing room itself was large with multiple sofa's making a square in the centre of the room. Across the right wall was a row of mirrors with hundreds of pieces of makeup and hair styling products. Along the other wall were rails full of clothes, each item more expensive than Jeongin's whole wardrobe. 

"Here, sit" Hyunjin said, gesturing to the sofa. Jeongin quickly sit, not know what else to do. Hyunjin looks around the room, searching for something. 

"Stay there I'll make you some tea" Hyunjin said, beginning to stride around the room. 

"You really don't need to I'm fine now" Jeongin said, just audible above the slamming of cupboards. 

"Don't worry it's the lest-" But Hyunjin was cut off by the door banging open. 

"HYUNJIN ARE YOU IN HERE" The man yelled. Jeongin shrank back into the sofa a little, afraid of the older man who had just walked in. 

"I'm here Woojin Hyung" Hyunjin called. Woojin turned to face him his hands on his hips. Although scary, the man had a face similar to a bear.

"Where have you been, one second you were here and then you disappear for ten minutes and then re-appear here again, are you practising magic?!" the man exclaimed. Hyunjin rolled his eyes and placed the newly found kettle on the side. 

"No I left something in the changing room under the stage and went back to get it," Hyunjin explained. "and when I went there I heard someone crying and..." the idol waved has hand in Jeongin's direction causing Woojin to look in his direction. Jeongin waved awkwardly, knowing he was unwanted in the dressing room. Woojin just stared at him in disbelief. 

"Who are you?" Woojin said bluntly. 

"I-I'm Jeongin" Jeongin replied. 

"And why are you here" Woojin continued. Jeongin opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Hyunjin. 

"I'm making him tea" The idol smiled happily and clicked on the kettle to start the water boiling.


"Because he was crying" Woojin raised his eyebrows at the idol. 

"Why was he crying?" Hyunjin paused for a moment thinking. 

"I don't know... why were you crying" Hyunjin asked turning to Jeongin. The small gulped under the attention and looked down at his hands. 

"I-I have claustrophobia"  

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