Chapter 14

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The pair sat under their tree as usual. The autumn breeze ruffling their hair on its way through. But unlike every other day the pair sat in silence. Jeongin was still sort of upset with his friend after the Hyunjin episode that happen this morning, and Felix was watching Changbin. 

Jeongin looked out across the playing field and sighed. He didn't like not talking to Felix, it was werid. Yet at the same time he was still slightly offended from earlier.

"How do you think people become good looking?" Felix said randomly. Jeongin turned to look at him confused.

"I mean," Felix continued. "Is it because they are born beautiful or that they walked through and patch of flowers one day and became one."

"You're an idiot" Jeongin snorted. Felix turned to look at his friend, a slightly dased expression on his face.

"Did i say that out loud?" Jeongin burst out in loud laughter at the stupidity of his friend. Felix just watched on, confused. Silence once again fell over the pair but this time it wasn't as awkward.

"So you know Hyunjin-" Felix began but he was cut off by the sound of Jeongin's phone ringing. The pair stares at it in suprise. The two people who called Jeongin were Felix and his mom. Exchanging looked of suspicion, Jeongin reached for the phone and pulled it out the bag.

On the screen the name Hyunjin was displayed in big bold letters. A smile appeared on Jeongin's face and without a second thought the boy anwersed the phone.

"Hello..." Jeongin whispered tentatively down the phone. Felix watched the boy intently, to see if this person was indeed Hyunjin.

"Hi Jeongin" Hyunjin's bubbly voice replied from the other side of the phone. The smile on Jeongin's face instantly grew bigger on hearing the idol's voice. Felix's furrowed his eyebrows at his friend. Very few people could make Jeongin smile like the that, the main contender being Hyunjin.

"How are you?" Jeongin asked quitely.  The was the sound of rustling fabric before Hyunjin replied,

"I'm good, I didn't want you to worry so I made sure to rest well over the weekend." Jeongin couldn't help but smile at the statement. Hyunjin cared about him.

"I'm glade" Jeongin said softly.

"What are you doing now?" Hyunjin asked.

"Oh I'm at school, it's lunch now so I'm outside with my friend-" Jeongin paused as saw the expression on Felix's face. It was one of total concentration, every year in the boy's head was wering in a desperate attempt to figure out who Jeongin was talking to.

"You're still at school! You really are a baby!" Hyunjin cooed down the phone, breaking Jeongin out of his trance.

"Yeh I guess" Jeongin mumbled back. The line went silent for a moment. Jeongin stared at the ground, feeling the awkward tension through the line.

"Well I need to go, make sure you eat lunch and study well!" Hyunjin said through the phone.

"You too," Jeongin replied. "Don't work yourself to hard, I don't want you to get injured"

"You're to sweet" Hyunjin cooed again. Jeongin couldn't help but blush, just a little bit.

"Bye, rest well" Jeongin said.


And the call ended.

Jeongin let out a long breath and leaned his head against the tree. His heart was beating like crazy in his chest. It seemed that no matter how many times they would talk Jeongin's heart would always go crazy. For a reason that the young, innocent, didn't know yet.

Jeongin turned to look at Felix again. He was still making the face of extreme concentration and staring deeply at Jeongin.

"Who was that?" Felix finally asked.

"Hyunjin" Jeongin said, placing his phone back into his bag.

"Really?" Felix still douted his friend he tried his best not to show it.

"It really was..." Jeongin smiled. It really was Hyunjin. The famous idol was his friend.

"That explains it" Felix whispered.


"Nothing" Jeongin looked at his friend with raised eyebrows. Felix raised his hands in defence and opened his mouth to speek. As he did  a ball appeared out of nowhere and rolled towards the pair. The boys looked at it in confusion.

"Sorry!" A voice called. They looked up to see Changbin running towards them. Felix instantly blushed and looked away. Jeongin rolled his eyes and picked up the ball.

"Thanks..." Changbin replied, taking the ball from the boy's hands, expect his eyes were on someone else. Changbin slowly walked away, every now and then looking back over his shoulder at the pair. Jeongin sighed again and slumped next Felix.

"You played a whole game of basketball with him and yet your still to shy to even return a ball!" Jeongin said in an exasperated voice. Felix just nodded staring down at his hands.

"You know when he was over here, he never took his eyes off you" Jeongin said smugly.

"Really!" Felix half yelled, his eyes sparkling into life. Jeongin let out a loud laugh and smiled at his best friend.

"You're hopeless" Jeongin chuckled.

"I could say the same about you" Felix mumbled.

"What was that?" Jeongin asked still chuckling.

"Nothing" Felix smiled. Jeongin frowned but quickly brushed it off. He already had one fight with his friend he didn't want another.

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