Chapter 15

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"Tuesday over!" Felix cried into the classroom. A few other classmates laughed at the boy statement and continued with packing up their stuff. Jeongin giggled and rested his head on the desk. Felix let out a loud sigh and slumped back into his chair. 

"But we still have 3 more days to go" Felix pouted at the ceiling. Jeongin didn't replied, he only stared at the weathered wood of his desk. The bright autumn light was streaming into the classroom, catching Jeongin in the eye. The small boy closed his eyes and sighed. His mum had a night shift again today which means he wouldn't be able to see her till tomorrow evening. He didn't want to be alone in the apartment all night, he could never sleep. 

"Are free tonight?" Jeongin asked, sitting up. 

"I don't think so, why?" Felix asked, turning to face his friend. Jeongin sighed and pulled his bag out from under his desk. 

"Forget it then" Jeongin mumbled. Felix frowned and walked over to the other's desk. 

"Are you home alone again tonight?" Jeongin only nodded, focusing on fitting his textbook into the worn fabric of his backpack. 

"I'm sure I'll be able to come over later, i can-" 

"It's fine," Jeongin interrupted. "I don't want to inconveniences you." With that Jeongin tuned on his heel and left the classroom. He walked through the empty corridors with his head hung low, finding the beige floor tills every interesting. 

"Hey, wait up!" Felix called running to catch up with his friend. Jeongin paused for a moment, letting the older catch up before setting off again. 

"Hey don't act so sad, I'll call you when i get home" Felix said placing an arm around the younger's shoulders. Jeongin only nodded, not moving his eyes from the floor. The pair walked out the front of the school and down to the road that crossed in front of it. A sliver car was parked by the gates, the pair paused in front of the car. 

"I promise I will call you later ok?" Felix repeated, turning to Jeongin. 

"Go, your mum is waiting from you" Jeongin gestered to the car parked in front of them. Felix only sighed before walking up to the car. 

"see you later" Felix called. Jeongin only hummed in reply. The sliver car sped of down the road, Jeongin watched it for a moment before turning in the opposite direction and started on his way home. It usually only took the boy 15 minutes to get home, but today he seemed to be extra slow. 

The weather seemed extra good that evening. The orange sunset lighting up the crisp red leaves of the trees that lined the pavement. Every now and then a breeze would pass by, disturbing the leaves from their peace and sending them spinning to the ground. Jeongin sighed and watched the leaves twist and tweral around him, as if they were dancing to a silent tune. Jeongin made his way slowly down the path feeling no need to rush home to an empty apartment. 

Suddenly his phone started ringing. Not expecting the sound, jeongin jumped a foot in the air from shock. The boy stood still for a moment, his heart racing in his chest, before reaching or his phone. He pulled it out an anwesred it without checking the contact. 


"Hello Jeonginnie!" A Bubbly replied. Jeongin let out a long breath. It was Hyunjin. 

"Hi Hyunjin," Jeongin mumbled back, started to walk again. 

"How are you?" Hyunjin asked, his voice full of curiosity. 

"I'm.... I'm alright" Jeongin replied, kicking a few fallen leaves as he went. 

"You don't sound alright" Hyunjin said. "Do i need to kick some ass?" Jeongin let out a light giggled and blushed slightly. 

"No it's ok, no ones bulling me... i'm just not having the best day" Jeongin replied. 

"Hmm... If you say so" Hyunjin said. Jeongin could clearly tell that the idol was suspious, but his excuse would do for now." 

"Anyway," Jeongin said, breaking the small silence that had fallen upon the line. "How was your day?" A loud sigh was heard from the other end of the line causing Jeongin to giggle again. 

"I was going well until I had a meeting with my manager" Hyunjin explained. 

"What happened?" Jeongin asked. 

"We were having a meeting about what we could do for promotions and he suggested that should go on this variety show and he KNOWS i'm awful on variety shows. But then and every started agreeing with him and saying that i don't do enough variety shows but they wouldn't let me speak and-" Jeongin smiled listening to Hyunjin rant down the phone. The small boy pushed the door to his apartment building open and began walking up the stairs.

"- and now i'm stuck doing so many shows and I'm going to be cut from all of them because i'm not funny. So in short I'm screwed" Hyunjin finished. Jeongin giggled again as he started up another flight of stairs. 

"What's so funny" Hyunjin asked. Jeongin could basically hear the pout in his voice. 

"Nothing.. It's just nice to hear you talk about something so much" Jeongin replied stepping out of the stairwell. 

"Well I'm glad someone id enjoying my suffering because-" but jeongin didn't hear the end of the sentence. He could see down the corridor a tall figure was standing in front of one of the apartment doors. His door. The figure had a black hoodie on, pulled over his head. 

A wave of fear washed over Jeongin. He gulped and slowly approached and figure. the person was on the phone and talking very passionately about something. Narrowing his eyes, Jeongin silently approached the figure from the side, he still hadn't been noticed. 

Jeongin took a deep breath and closed his eyes before he reached out and grabbing the guy's shoulder. The taller spun around to see who it was and was met with a cellphone straight to the face. 

"OW!" Jeongin's eyes sprung open at the sound. His phone dropped from his hand as he stared at the person n front of him. 


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