Chapter 16

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The idol looked up, his hands covering his nose, a small trickled of blood running down his chin. Jeongin gasped and rushed forward flapping his arms around the idol hoping it would help. 

"I'm so sorry, I thought you were a gangster" Jeongin half yelled. Hyunjin smiled slightly but quickly ducked his head to try and catch the blood dripping from the nose. 

"Quick come inside and sit down" Jeongin hurried to open the door and rushed Hyunjin inside. The idol smiled sheepishly and followed the young boy into the apartment, clutching his nose.  Jeongin hurried in behind him in a panic. The smaller pull Hyunjin over to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. 

"Sit!" Jeongin yelled, still in a panic. Hyunjin quickly took a seat and watched as Jeongin sprint around the kitchen. The brunette grabbed a towel that was left on the side and quickly ran it under the tap. Now with a wet towel, Jeongin ran back over to Hyunjin slamming the wet towel on his still bleeding nose. Hyunjin let out a groan at the impact, pain re-appearing in his nose. 

"Sorry" Jeongin cried again. Hyunjin let out a small that was barely visible under the towel that was clamped to his nose. 

"it's alright" Hyunjin replied in a muffled voice. Jeongin sighed and pulled a chair next to the idol. 

"Make sure to lean forward and pinch the bridge of your nose," Jeongin said. Hyunjin looked up at him confused. 

"How do you know this stuff?" Hyunjin asked, leaning forward as the younger said. 

"My mum's a nurse so she's an expert on everything," Jeongin said with a small smile. Hyunjin only nodded and focused on getting most of the blood out of his nose. The idol was so concentrated he didn't Jeongin leaning in. 

The younger leaned forward, inspecting the idol's face. There didn't seem to be any bruising around the nose so it most likely wasn't broken. Jeongin smiled and leaned in closer checking that nothing else was wrong. Unconsciously, Jeongin came so close to Hyunjin that his warm breath gently hit the idols cheek. 

Hyunjin looked up feeling the younger's hot breath on his cheek and looked up. The idol wasn't expecting Jeongin to be so close to him. He had never seen anyone this close up. Hyunjin could tell that Jeongin didn't notice how close they were. He could help but smile. Jeongin was easily the cutest person to ever exist.  His wavy brown hair fell gently down his face and into his eyes, making him blink cutely.  The light would catch on the edge of his glasses and make his eyes sparkle. Without realising it, Hyunjin stared at Jeongin, taking every little feature of his face. memorising every little detail so his face was never far from his mind.   

"You know, when you concentrate you are really cute" Hyunjin whispered. 

The words suddenly broke Jeongin out of his trance. Jeongin stared deep into Hyunjin's eyes. A deep blush spread quickly across the younger's face.  A small squeak escaped his mouth as Jeongin stumbled backwards, tripping over a chair leg and hitting the ground with a thud. Hyunjin couldn't help but giggle slightly as Jeongin rubbed his side with a cute little pout. 

"Are you ok?" Hyunjin asked, his coming out nasal due to the cloth that covered it. 

"Yeh I'm fine," Jeongin mumbled. He stared at the floor, still blushing deeply. 

"Sorry... about that" Jeongin continued. Hyunjin furrowed his eyebrows at the younger. 

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry about getting to close"Jeongin replied, the blush turning from a pale pink to a beat red. Hyunjin chuckled at the innocence of the younger. 

"Don't worry about it, It's what friends do right?" Hyunjin replied. Jeongin smiled at the ground avoiding all eye contact. An awkward silence fell over the pair. Jeongin bit his lip, still sitting on the floor, not sure what to do or say. 

"So..." Hyunjin said breaking the silence. "Where is your mum? you said she was a nurse?" At this Jeongin's face fell. He had just about forgotten that his mum was working tonight. 

"Is something wrong?" Hyunjin asked tentatively, seeing the change in the smaller. 

"Nothing... it's just..." Jeongin sighed, knotting and un-knotting his fingers. "She's working the night shift and... I won't get to see her till tomorrow after school... I hate spending the nights alone without her" 

Hyunjin's heart melted at the sight. As gently as he could, while still clutching the towel to his nose, he slid off the chair and sat beside Jeongin. The idol placed an arm around Jeongin's shoulders causing the smaller to look up. His eyes sparkled with tears threatening to fall as he looked up at the idol. Hyunjin couldn't help but feel sorry for Jeongin. He had hidden pains that were slowly pulling him apart, and the poor boy was just trying to stay together without completely falling apart. 

Without saying anything, Hyunjin pulled the Jeongin into his chest in a one-armed hug. Jeongin closed his eyes buried his head in the idol's shoulder, tears silently escaping his closed eyes and running down his cheeks. 

"Don't worry, I'll stay with you tonight" Hyunjin whispered, gently rubbing the younger's back.  

In that moment, Hyunjin made up his mind. He would never leave Jeongin alone, he would be by his side whenever he needed to be. He would be Jeongin's shoulder to cry and shield from the storm. He would protect the younger with his life if that's what was needed. 

Because that's what friends do right?

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