Chapter 7

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A single spotlight appeared the stage in front of him. Slowly a single figure rose up from the depths of the stage, stood tall, in the centre of the stage. Screams erupted around Jeongin but he didn't even notice. He was transfixed by the figure on the stage in front of him.

 Hwang Hyunjin. 

Long black hair styled up out of his face. Dark eyes shining. Sliver ear-rings glinting in the stage light. Dressed in a graphic t-shirt and ripped black jeans. He looked nothing short of an angel 

 Music began to blare around the stadium, accompanied by thousands of screams and cheers

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 Music began to blare around the stadium, accompanied by thousands of screams and cheers. Jeongin smiled and stared with delight at the stage. Hyunjin was dancing gracefully around the stage, not missing a single beat. It was enchanting. The idol had captured the young boy and wasn't letting him go. 

Suddenly the idol began to sing, filling the stadium with the most heavenly sound. Jeongin gasped at the sound. He had never heard anything like it. Although the Burnett had listen to every single a thousand times and seen every video on youtube, live on stage it all seemed so different. 

Every moved seemed sharper and more powerful, every note seemed to echo inside Jeonngin's head. Everything seemed new and familiar at the same time. 

He only realised that the music had stopped when the room once again was filled with screams. This time he cheered along with everyone else and smiled brightly up at the stage. The idol stood in the centre of the stage looking around. His warm eyes spewed across the room at the thousands of fans in front of him. 

Hyunjin smiled. A big bright smiled that caused his eyes to turn to crescent moon and that shows his sparkling white teeth. A smile that made Jeongin's heart skip a beat. 

"This is amazing you guys!" The idol called. Fresh wave of screams caused the idol smile again. Jeongin's heart began to speed up at the beautiful sight. At this rate he wasn't going to survive the concert. 

"I'm Hyunjin and I shall be entertaining you tonight"  The boy bowed and looked around at the crowd standing below him. As Hyunjin looked through the crowd his eyes landed on Jeongin. For a moment their eye's met. The whole world seemed to stop. Jeongin couldn't breath, he had been frozen by Hyunjin. The younger's sparkled with excitement causing the idol to smile once again. 

What felt like an eternity later, the idol looked away and continued with the show. Jeongin's poor heart felt like it was going to burst from his chest, it was beating so fast. He looked around him but no one had seemed to notice, they were all to focused on the stage. With a smile now glued to the small boy's face, turned back to the stage.

 As the concert went on Jeongin didn't want it to end. For a few hours he had forgotten all about the outside world. He had forgotten his crippling fear of crowds and small spaces. He had forgotten about all his worries. The only thing he was focusing on was Hyunjin. How the idol danced, how amazing his voice sounded, how his eyes crinkled at the side when he smiled. Everything about the night was amazing and he never wanted it to end. 

But not all wishes can come true. 

Almost too soon the concert ended. Hyunjin waved to the crowd as disappeared into the depth of stage. The crowd cheered and screamed as the big screen played the final message of the concert. Jeongin joined in with the excitement, not releasing what was going to happen next. 

The message stopped playing. The screaming died. The lights flicked on. The crowd started to murmur and moved towards the exit. And Jeongin suddenly remembered he was trapped in a huge crowd of people with no easy escape. 

Jeongin froze. Every muscle in his body was screaming at him to move but he couldn't. He was petrified with fear. It spread through his body, like an infection wanting to eat every part of him alive. The mass of people seemed to close around, sufficating him, blocking all light from his view. 

Suddenly someone came crashing into the back of Jeongin sending him sprawling on the floor. The boy gasped for air but there seemed to be none to breath. All he could see was the cold grey of the concert hall and the sound of thousands of feet around him. 

Jeongin pulled himself into a tight ball. He felt if he moved even an inch he would be crushed on the souls of uncaring shoes. Tears sprung into the boy's eyes, all he wanted now was to go home to get out of this awful place but he could move. He was trapped by his own fear. 

Jeongin squeaked his eyes shut and put his hands over his ears. He just wanted to go home. Tears flow strong and steady down his face. His body shook from the tears as he cried into the floor of the concert hall. 

Jeongin didn't know how long he was their for but it didn't seemed to matter. He could move from the spot on the floor. He had been bound their by his own fear. 

Suddenly a hand on his shoulder made him jump. Slowly, Jeongin manged to uncurl himself from the ball, as if someone had lifted the spell of fear from him. He looked up at the face in front of him. The tears were blocking his vision he couldn't see properly. All he could make out was a face of concern.  

"Are you alright?"  


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