Arranged? ➸ MinSung by crumbbx
Arranged? ➸ MinSungby a gei™
≫ In which a boy is forced into an arranged marriage with a girl, but what happens when he starts falling for her brother instead? ≫ started ;...
  • seungmin
  • chan
  • minho
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The Maze Runner Imagines by hisnameiscastiel
The Maze Runner Imaginesby mariel
I've always loved writing, but I've always been horrible at making an entire story. Short imagines are definitely a great way of sharing my writing, and so that's why I...
  • sad
  • deathcure
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APOTHEOSIS ― minho¹ by thorsloki
APOTHEOSIS ― minho¹by kaye
0.1 | ❝ The gods play their games; mortals pay their price. ❞ [ MOVED - previously 200k reads ]
  • thescorchtrials
  • jamesdashner
  • themazerunner
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His Shank (Minho X Reader) by Autumn-Wan-Kenobi
His Shank (Minho X Reader)by Autumn Rebekah
Minho x Reader
  • maze
  • alby
  • thomas
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scorch ― newt¹ by scftnewt
scorch ― newt¹by -ˏ` leann ´ˎ-
who would have thought that you could fall in love in the scorch? #3 in #themazerunner (22.11.18) #5 in #tmr (18.11.18) #2 in #newt (28.11.18)
  • themazerunner
  • thomas
  • emmastone
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like him ; sk hwang hyunjin by bunonism
like him ; sk hwang hyunjinby heera
" if he is that arrogant, how come i can easily meet his smile? " stray kids / 2
  • jeongin
  • minho
  • hyunjin
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snapchat ; hwang hyunjin by softuwus
snapchat ; hwang hyunjinby amegail
❝ who are you? ❞ ❝ just call me yours. ❞ wherein it starts and ends with him talking to her through snapchat. #207 in fanfiction #1 in woojin #1 in minho © softuwus 2018
  • chan
  • seochangbin
  • jyp
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The Fever Code - Stray Kids ff by wickedwang
The Fever Code - Stray Kids ffby Zey 💌
"Us - brainwashed into the same system they expect perfection." In a world, where the sun flares had burned the earth's surface and a fever spread, they wante...
  • ot9
  • thefevercode
  • monstax
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fell for you ➸ stray kids  by hyunjinsuwus
fell for you ➸ stray kids by stan stray kids!
stray kids promised each other that they wouldn't fall in love with their only girl member. but to their dismay, it consecutively begins to break. ↳ lowercase intended.
  • jeongin
  • kimwoojin
  • seungmin
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euphoria || felix lee stray kids [completed]  by Haroldsxbandana
euphoria || felix lee stray kids [...by #1 multifandom
[soulmate au] "You have stars on your cheeks" "And you have them in your eyes" - Nari Park had begun to give up on the idea of soulmates, until of co...
  • straykidsfanfic
  • idol
  • fanfic
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Stray Kids Imagines by gladecaspian
Stray Kids Imaginesby Glade Caspian
Hope you guys stan Stray Kids, and if not, I hope this book of imagines helps! Through their debut survival program, I realized how amazing this group is. They really...
  • seungmin
  • kpop
  • chan
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Stray Kids Imagines by skzmellow
Stray Kids Imaginesby marshmallow
These guys have been wrecking me since day one so I thought, why not write one shots at 2am? I hope you enjoy reading the scenarios and if you have any requests feel fre...
  • woojin
  • seochangbin
  • minho
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You're Mine (JeongChan) by StrayX7
You're Mine (JeongChan)by StrayX7
"What am I to you?" "Don't you get it little fox?" "Your my toy." In where a sophomore boy gets tangled up in a messy situation with a cele...
  • changlix
  • seungjin
  • straykids
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Stray Kids Imagines || Ot9 by inkbin
Stray Kids Imagines || Ot9by changbeanie
stray kids scenarios • tumblr: @changbeanie
  • woojin
  • straykids
  • oneshot
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Ten | newtmas by ava-kay
Ten | newtmasby Ava Kay
For seventeen year old Newt, the number ten is everything. Ten steps. Ten times you must snap your fingers. Ten nods of your head. Ten. When he's put in a mental institu...
  • mentalinstitution
  • thomassangster
  • newtmas
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Maze runner smuts by TMRlover719
Maze runner smutsby TMRlover719
Do I need a description? Read it ya little nasties
  • mazerunner
  • minhosmut
  • maze
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aegis | the maze runner / minho by stilestastic
aegis | the maze runner / minhoby - ̗̀kris kringle ̖́-
❝You need to toughen up, buttercup.❞ in which an accident in the maze leads to minho being nadia's babysitter. ©stilestastic 2016
  • fanfiction
  • jamesdashner
  • mazerunner
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The Bet ~Jeongchan by Psychoswirl
The Bet ~Jeongchanby ☕
To get out of an awkward situation, Jeongin finds a random picture of a cute boy and claims that the guy in the picture is his boyfriend. Why not? It's not like he'll ev...
  • straykids
  • woochan
  • jyp
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Stray Kids' Little Sister | Stray Kids 10th Member by tylergorawrz
Stray Kids' Little Sister | Stray...by U W U
Luna is Stray Kids' second youngest and only female member. Everyday she's proving to everyone why the boys decided to put her in the group and that she is more than wha...
  • woojin
  • kpop
  • changbin
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Stray Kids  Imagines by lovely4480
Stray Kids Imaginesby stay
Stray Kids making you cry, smile, have your first (I meant 845297452897592873) kiss, make your heart flutter and break, enter fantasy and all the other things you can im...
  • depression
  • woojin
  • bangchan
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