Chapter 32

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He sat crouched in some bushes. The branches scratching at his face, jabbing at his arms, but he stayed where he was. The heavy rain beat against the thin mac he was wear but it didn't put him off. He stayed as still as possible, desperate not to be seen. His whole career rested on this. This was his last chance and if his leads were correct it would send straight back to the top.

Movement across the street caught his attention. With a grin, he raised the camera to his eyes and began to click. He paused for a moment, he needed them to turn so he could catch their face. Biting his lip, he watches anxiously through the viewfinder.

A grin spread across his face and he watches the white umbrella across the street slowly fall to the ground.

"Perfect" He whispered snapping another picture.

He was dead. 100% there was no saving him. His mum was going to skin him alive and he would not live to tell the tale.

"So," Mrs Yang's voice was like ice, cutting straight through the shivering boy on the sofa. "I come downstairs to see where you were because you weren't home yet and I see you making out with someone outside the building in the pouring rain!" Jeongin shrank back into the cushions of the sofa, feeling the size of a pea.

"I'm sorry," Jeongin said, barely over a whisper. He didn't even know what he was apologizing for, he just trying to make it through the night. Mrs Yang let out a loud sigh and through her hands in the air.

"When were you going to tell me?" Mrs yang asked, her voice become softer. Jeongin eyes didn't move from his feet, afraid of the dragon pretending to be his mother.

"I don't know" He whispered in reply. Water dripped from his hair, making a small stain in the carpet at his feet. Now he slightly regretted standing in the rain for so long. The cold had sunk through his shirt and had settled deep in his skin. Jeongin shivered and not just from the hard stare he was getting from his mum. Mrs yang let out another sigh and looked away.

"Go have a shower and get changed." Jeongin looked up, surprised at the sudden change of heart. His mum still wasn't pleased, but it was a start. Not waiting to be told twice, Jeongin scrambled up from the sofa and slipped his way to the bathroom.

"Jeongin," His mum called from the living room. "I want full details when you're done" Jeongin blushed deeply and quickly hid himself in the bathroom.

After a nice hot shower and a change of clothes, Jeongin sat opposite his mother a steaming mug of hot chocolate in front of him. Jeongin snuggled into the large Huddie he was wearing and took a sip of his drink. The hot liquid travelled down his throat warming him from the inside.

"So," His mum said leaning forward. "What's his name?" JEongin blushed deeply and looked down at his hands.

"Hyunjin..." He whispered.

"What" His mum replied leaning across the table, "You need to speak up".

"Hyunjin..." Jeongin repeated a fraction loud, not daring to look up, in the small hope that his mother wouldn't hear him. But she did.

"As in the idol Hyunjin, your favourite person in the world?" Jeongin nodded slowly. Mrs Yang's mouth dropped open as she stared wide-eyed at her son from across the table. Jeongin blushed and stared down at the mug in his sweater paws. 

"Wh..h...How?" His mother managed to stammer out. Jeongin blushed even deeper and picked at the loose thread on the wrist of his jumper. 

"Do you remember the Hyunjin concert I went to?" Jeongin asked his hot chocolate. His mother nodded in reply, still in a state of shock. "Well at the end of it I had a panic attack but Hyunjin helped me get over it." 

A stony silence fell across the apartment and Mrs Yang stared at her a slight frown forming on her brow. Jeongin could feel his mother's eyes on him and shrunk back into the warm fabric of his hoodie, still refusing to look at her. 

"Jeongin," her voice was serious, it had lost all the excitement that was in it a second ago. Jeongin more feverously at the loose thread, steadily pulling it longer. 

"Jeongin look at me". Against all his natural instincts, Jeongin slowly raised his head to look at his mother. Her expression was serious with a hint of sympathy hidden behind the eyes.  Jeongin shifted in his seat, feeling like a deer caught in headlights. 

"Why didn't you tell me you had a panic attack?" Mrs yang asked softly, reaching across the table to hold one of her son's hands. 

"Because..." The brunette started, looking at the hands in front of him. "Because I forgot" Mrs Yang raised an eyebrow, clearly unimpressed. 

"I did!" Jeongin defended. "When I got home I was so starstruck with meeting Hyunjin, I forgot how I met him" Mrs Yang sighed and leaned back in her seat, letting go of her son's hand. Jeongin looked down at his hands again. 

"I'm sorry" He whispered again, the only difference was that he meant it. He never usually kept things from his mother, so lying to her didn't come natural and made him feel unbelievable guilty. Mrs Yang sighed again and stood up from her seat. Jeongin looked up unsure of what she was doing. 

"Come here," She whispered softly, opening her arms for a hug. With a small smile of relief, Jeongin bolted up from his seat and sprinted into his mother's arms. He was engulfed by her warmth and safety. Given that it wasn't a Hyunjin hug, it was still pretty dam good. Mrs Yang smiled sadly and ran her hand gently through her son's hair. 

"My baby's all grown up" 


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