Chapter 30

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Rain pelted the concert floor, hitting the hard surface with a splash and creating a slippery sheen over the concert. A puddle, that at the start of the day had been the side of a pea, had grown to take up most of the entrance space. Some water had got into the dip between the cover of the school and the flood in front of it.

Jeongin sighed as he stared at the rain. He through it would have stopped by now, but he was clearly wrong. It had rained all day and looked like it would rain well into the night. In his hand hung a small black umbrella, the hinges were rusty and the fabric was thin. Just like everything else in his life he needed a new one.

"Here goes nothing" Jeongin sighed and opened the umbrella. A rip resonated throughout the stone shelter. Some black fabric on the open umbrella flapped weakly in the breeze. Jeongin let out another sighed and slowly lowered the umbrella.

"Took it long enough" Jeongin mumbled, looking at his sorry excuse for an umbrella. The rain continued to thunder around him, a sick reminder of what he had to walk home through.

"What am I going to do now?" Jeongin whined falling onto the bench behind him. Felix had already left along with most people in the school. He could call Chan, but he was probably working. Jeongin groaned and placed his head in his hands. It looks like he's just going to catch a cold.

"Jeongin!" A voice called. Jeongin furrowed his eyebrows, still staring at the ground. He knew that voice. He had memorise that voice so it would never leave his mind. But the question was, what was that voice doing here?

"Jeongin!" The voice called again, louder this time and accompanied by the sound of running feet through puddled. Curiosity taking over Jeongin looked up.

"Hyunjin?!" The black-haired idol was running through the torrential rain, with a huge white umbrella and a massive smiled. The idol jumped over the puddle at the entrance to shelter and grinned up at the younger. Jeongin stood there in complete shock, does Hyunjin have a Jeongin beacon that tells him whenever the smaller needs help? Hyunjin pulled down the umbrella and cutely shock a few excess raindrops from his head.

"Need a lift back home?" Hyunjin asked, raising one beautiful eyebrow. All Jeongin could do was nod. He was in complete awe and confusion.

"Are you ok?" Hyunjin asked, slightly worried at the youngers lack of response. The idol took a step forward, looking down at the small Burnett on the bench in front of him.

"I-I'm fine" Jeongin stammered. Hyunjin smiled and offered his hand to the younger. Jeongin gladly took it, feeling his cold hands be enveloped by Hyunjin's warm ones. Hyunjin frowned at the contact and looked down at their hands interlocked. Jeongin heart sank at the idol's expression, maybe he doesn't want to hold his hand?

"What is it?" Jeongin dared to asked.

"Why are your hands so cold?" Hyunjin asked looking up. Jeongin relaxed at the question, knowing it wasn't about their skin ship.

"Well I've been waiting out here for a while and I forgot a pair of gloves" Jeongin smiled at the idol. However, this answer didn't help to shift the frown on his face.

"Why didn't you call me earlier?" Hyunjin whined. "I would've have come and got you and we could have gone and got a nice hot meal together." Jeongin blushed at the idea of just the two of them alone at a table. But he quickly snapped out of his thoughts and looked back up at the idol.

"Well I didn't know you were coming at all, but I'm still grateful" Jeongin replied, squeezing the other hand slightly. Hyunjin blushed lightly but didn't remove the frown from his face.

"What do you mean you didn't know I was coming, you asked me this morning over text," Hyunjin asked, confused. It was Jeongin's turn to frown now.

"I never texted you this morning" Jeongin replied. Hyunjin shook his head very confused and pulled out his phone.

"Look," Hyunjin said, showing the younger his phone with their conversation on it. "See we texted" Jeongin studied the conversation carefully.

"11:45?" Jeongin mumbled, reading the time send on the text. 11:45 was halfway through the fourth lesson and Jeongin slept through the first four lessons.

"I was asleep then there was no way..." Jeongin trailed off staring at the rain falling behind the idol. With a groan Jeongin smacked his forehead with his palm, causing the idol to jump at the sudden action.

"It was Felix," Jeongin said into his hands. Hyunjin raised an eyebrow. "Felix was the one who texted you, he must have stolen my phone and messaged you" Jeongin couldn't help but blush slightly from embarrassment. Hyunjin let out a loud laugh and shook his head.

"Well I'm here now, shall we go?" Hyunjin chuckled offering the younger his hand. Still blushing, Jeongin took it and stepped out into the rain with Hyunjin. 

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