Chapter 44

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"Mum" Jeongin called cautiously into the apartment. There was a rustling noise from the down the corridor and followed by a thud and a whispered curse. Carefully, Jeongin placed down his bag and tiptoed his way into the living. Nerves were slowly building inside of him, a thousand different ideas of what could happen next.

But he wasn't expecting what greeted him when he turned the corner. 


Hyunjin was there. In his apartment. In his living room surrounded by candles, on one knee. Holding a rose. 

Jeongin froze where he stood. His mind failed him. Someone could have slapped him across the face and it wouldn't have even registered in his brain.  Everything stopped the moment he saw the idol. And all of his old feelings came rushing back to him. 

"Hi," That was all Hyunjin's brain could manage at the moment. The moment the younger appeared, his brain went into overdrive. His mind was filled with many different speeches which he prepared to give the younger. But the moment he appeared, they all fled. 

It took Jeongin a moment to realize that Hyunjin had spoken. Shaking himself, Jeongin looked around the apartment. The Candles danced in the graceful circle they had been carefully placed in, giving it a warm cosy feeling. The same feeling Jeongin always felt with Hyunjin. 

"W-what are you doing here?" Jeongin managed to say, his voice coming out squeaky. Hyunjin smiled sheepishly and twirled the rose in his fingers. 

"I was originally planning to do some big grand gestured, but then I remember you hate crowds and that would probably be the worst way to get you attention" Hyunjin smiled up at the younger. The same dazzling smile that made Jeongin's heart skip a beat all those weeks ago at the concert. 

"That... that still doesn't answer my question" Jeongin replied, trying his best to be firm and not to crumble back into the idol's arms. 

"I know," Hyunjin sighed, standing up from the floor. He slowly approached Jeongin, a smile never leaving his lips. A small blush scattered across Jeongin's cheeks as the idol approached. He wanted to move away but his legs seemed to have been nailed to the floor. 

"I'm here because..." Hyunjin paused. They were now centimetres apart. Jeongin could see the hundreds of candles reflecting in his eyes. But the sparkle of joy that Jeongin had always noticed shone brighter than any flame. Hyunjin reached and carefully took Jeongin's hand in his. The sudden contact made the younger jump slightly. The familiar rush of electricity flooded Jeongin's body. It took everything he had to stop himself from hugging the idol. 

"I'm here because I love you"   

Those words hit Jeongin like a brick wall. He stumbled slightly where he stood. Did he hear right? Hyunjin must be joking right?

"what?!" Jeongin managed to stammer out. Hyunjin smiled, a hint of sadness appearing behind his eyes. 

"I said I love you!"

"You're joking" Hyunjin frowned. 

"Why would I joke about this?"

Because..." Jeongin searched his mind for a reason not to love himself. "Because you're Hyunjin! Why on earth would like me? let alone LOVe me?!" Jeongin exclaimed. 

"Because why not!" 

Jeongin looked deep in Hyunjin eyes. They shone as they've never shone before. As if someone has lifted a veil to reveal a whole universe shimmering the idol's eyes. 

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