Chapter 29

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Rain softly pattered on the window of the classroom. Raindrops streaked across the window pain, racing each other down the glass. The dark sky above showed no signed of breaking anytime soon and continued on its relentless downpour.

Inside the classroom, all the students worked, huddling in jackets or by radiators, feeling sleepy and cosy from the rain and heat. One student was affected more than the others and lay with his head down on the desk fast asleep. His round glasses were balanced precariously on the edge of his nose, a couple pieces of brown hair fluttering every time the boy breathed out. Jeongin was fast asleep in the middle of class.

Felix sighed looking at his friend before turning back to his work. His friend had been asleep for most of the lesson but didn't want to risk waking him up for the change of him begin caught. The teacher droned on at the front of the classroom, no one paying attention, just background noise. Felix looked at his friend again. He was so peaceful when sleeping.

Suddenly an idea appeared in the blond's head. With an evil grin on his face, Felix reached over and picked up Jeongin's phone from the desk. Checking the teacher was distracted, Felix snapped a photo of his sleeping friend and quickly began typing. Satisfied, Felix placed the phone down on the table and focused back on the lesson.

After a couple of minutes, the phone buzzed, earning Felix's immediate attention. Read the reply, the evil grin reappeared on Felix's faces. He had found a way more productive thing to do inset to learn. The lesson continued, the rain still pelting the windows, the teacher still droning and Felix still texting someone on Jeongin's phone.

The bell for lunch rang out throughout the school, waking Jeongin from his sleep. With a yawn, Jeongin sat up and rubbed his eyes, not noticing the phone pointed at him. The class filled out of the room, heading for the catiferia, leaving Felix and Jeongin alone.

"Did I fall asleep?" Jeongin asked, yawning again.

"Yeh you did but don't worry I took notes for both of us" Felix replied, slipping Jeongin's phone into the drawer under his desk.

"Thanks," Jeongin said as he sat up. The Burnett looked over at the window and sighed.

"I guess no sitting outside today," Jeongin said, still looking at the window. With Jeongin distracted, Felix took his chance and quickly placed Jeongin's phone back on his table. Just as he did, the younger turned back to his desk and stared at his books.

"Hey," Felix said in a bright voice. "because it's raining Changbin will be training in the sports hall, wanna go and watch?" Jeongin shrugged and stood up. Felix grinned in victory and marched his way to the sports hall.

"So," Felix began, now that the pair was seated on the stands inside the sports hall, lunches on laps, watching the basketball game in front of them.

"Why were you so tired today?" Jeongin blushed at the question and looked down at his lunch box.

"I was on a call with Hyunjin for most of the night" Jeongin mumbled. Felix let out a squeal and patted his friend on the back.

"A night well spent my friend," Felix congratulated. "Romance in blooming" Jeongin blushed deeper and quickly pushed Felix, causing the blond to fall sideways.

"Nothing is blooming, we just got to know each other better" Jeongin giggled. Felix snorted and sat back up again. Felix opened his mouth to speak again but was interrupted by a shout from across the hall. Looking over they saw Jisung waving frantically at them, a big smile on his face. The pair could barely wave back before the boy was sprinting across the hall to sit with them.

"Hey" Jisung greeted, slightly out of breath from running the length of the hall.

"Hi?" Jeongin replied, tentatively.

"You know you guys are really hard to find" Jisung rambled, leaning back on the bench.

"Sorry?" Felix replied, still confused at the other's appearance.

"No it's ok, I've found you guys now" Jisung smiled a wide gummy smile at the pair.

"Is there anything you wanted to tell us?" Jeongin asked. Jisung shook his head.

"Just wanted someone to sit with" Jisung smiled. Jeongin smiled back, understanding that Jisung just wanted to be friends with everyone, but not everyone would accept his kindness.

"Well we have plenty of room for more people" Jeongin smiled, with Felix nodding next to him.

"Thanks, I- "they were cut off once again by another shout from across the hall.

"Jisung!" Felix froze at the voice, knowing exactly who it was.

"Over here!" Jisung replied, waving. The figure nodded and made his way across the hall to the small group was sitting.

"You guys don't mind if Changbin joins us do you?" Jisung asked.

"Of course, not," Jeongin said with an evil grin appearing on his face. "The more the merrier" Felix glared at his friend, sending him silent cursing. As the conversation started up again Jeongin leaned over to his friend.

"What did you say about love blooming?" Jeongin teased. 


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