Chapter 33

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After what seemed like months, the rain had finally stopped. Although the large puddles, acting more like ponds at this stage, were a painful reminder of the past weather, the sparkling sunshine and cool clear mornings made the wet toes slightly more bearable. The sun warmed the streets, trying its best to make up for its absence in the last couple of days. But not for long as black storming clouds sat at the edge of the sky, threatening to realise their cargo at a moments notice. 

However, for Jeongin, it was a wonderful morning. For once he didn't have to run through the rain to get to school, he could take his time and enjoy the view as he so often did. And this morning was no exception. The world glittered and glare in the morning sun. It was like someone had gone around and placed mirrors on all the roads. A perfect reflection of the sky above, only broken by someone's thoughtless steps. 

As he arrived at the school building, completely dry for once, Jeongin was in a perfectly good mood. With a small smile playing on his lips, he skipped up the steps and into the building. He skipped through the corridor and to the empty classroom where he would spend the day. With a light jump, Jeongin sat in his seat and stared out the window with a sigh of happiness. 

Why was he in such a good mood? Maybe it was because the sun was out? Maybe it was because he kissed his Hyunjin last night? Who can tell? It definitely wasn't from his mum's constant teasing and looks throughout the rest of the night. 

"Someone's in a good mood," Felix said, breaking Joengin out of his thoughts. 

"Well, the sun's out for once," Jeongin said with a small smile. Felix looked at his friend unamused. 

"If I wanted bad acting then I would have gone to the drama rooms, now spill," Felix said sitting down at his desk. 

"There's not to spill" Jeongin lied, a light blush dusting his cheeks at the memory. 

"Again, stop with the bad acting," Felix said. Jeongin sighed and looked down at his hands.

"well..." Jeongin started, his cheeks slowly going a deeper shade of red. Felix smirked and moved forward on his seat. 

"Hyunjin and I made out last" Jeongin mumbled, hope Felix wouldn't hear him. But of course, he did. 

"WHAT!" The blond yelled, standing up from his chair so quickly it was sent tumbling backwards. "YOU TWO MADE OUT?!" 

"Shhhh" Jeongin hushed, jumping to cover the Australian's mouth. "I don't want the whole world to know" 

"But this is a big deal" Felix replied in a muffled voice. 

"Yes but it's a big deal for us two, not the rest of our school" Jeongin scolded. Felix sighed and smacked Jeongin's hand finally removing it from his mouth. Jeongin pouted and rubbed his hand. 

"Fine," Felix grumbled, picking up his chair from the floor and sitting back down. Jeongin let out a sigh of relief and took a seat himself.

"But seriously though," Felix said in a lower tone, leaning over to talk to his friend. "How did it happen, I know came to pick you up, but I don't know the details." Jeongin blushed but continued with the story anyway. 

"Well, he walked me back to my apartment and we were stood outside in the rain," Jeongin recited, re-living the scene in his head. "Then we stopped outside of the building, and he pulled me close and kissed me and it was the best feeling in it world"

Felix let out a high pitched squeal, earning a few strange looks for fellow students entering the classroom. Jeongin sigh and rested his head on his hand.

"Jeongin's got a boyfriend~," Felix said in a sing-song voice. Jeongin blushed and pushed his friend.

"I d-don't have a boyfriend" Jeongin stammered. Felix raised an eyebrow.

"My bad, you have a husband" Jeongin buried his head in his arms in embarrassment, serenaded by Felix's cackles. However, as the rest of the filled the classroom, a question appeared in Jeongin's head.

What are they?


The sound of feet hitting the stone floor thundered through the building. The office worker was running at full speed through the building. A brown envelope clutched to his chest. As he passed, people stuck their head out of their offices, watching in confusion as the man flashed passed.

Finally, he arrived at a pair of big double doors. He was badly out of breath but he needed to keep going. The Secretary stood up from her desk, her expression panicked. She looked at the office worker, very concerned. He offered a small smile before bursting into the office. The Secretary quickly followed him, as this would concern her too.

The office was large and spacious. Huge window looked out across the city, filling the room with bright sunlight. There was a desk placed in front of windows, and behind the desk sat the CEO of the company.

"S-sir" the worker panted. The CEO looked up from his works, confused. He looked over at his secretary, asking for an explanation. The Secretary only looked at the office worker, her hands tying knots.

"W-we have a problem," the worker said, his tone grave. The CEO nodded and walked over to his worker. The worker handed him the brown envelope with shaking hands.

The CEO quickly ripped open the envelope and stared at the photos that had exploded out of it. His face fell into a frown as he surveyed the wreckage in front of him.

A stony silence fell upon the office, as the three workers stared at the pictures on the floor.

"Get Hyunjin on the phone and whoever that boy is"

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