Chapter 4

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The pair sat down in there usual lunch spot. Instead of looking out across the school like they usually do, today they were sitting facing the basketball courts. It was a lovely autumn day so many students were enjoying the weather by playing a game in the sun. Among the players was none other than Changbin, the main reason Felix and Jeongin were facing the courts today. 

Felix let out a sigh as he watched Changbin run down the court. His thick dark hair moving in the slight breeze, his forehead shiny from sweat. It was very obvious that Felix was head over heals for him but as they only share two classes together and they didn't talk, it was understandable that Changbin didn't know how the other felt. 

"Why is he so perfect" Felix sigh. Jeongin looked up from his phone briefly to his  best friend looking over at the courts. 

"Because God is cruel and wants the good people of this world to suffer" Jeongin replied looking back down at his phone. 

"Well thank you God" Felix replied with a smile on his face. He leaned back and picked up his lunch, which had lying abandoned for a good 15 minutes. 

"What do you see in him anyway" Jeongin asked, picking up a sandwich and taking a bite. 

"I see everything in him" Felix replied in a dream voice. Jeongin rolled his eyes earned a slap from the older. 

"I like how he's kind and funny, he's great at rapping and he's secretly a cutie," Felix began to list. "I like the way whenever he catches my eye he smiles, I like the way he laughs. I just like everything about him" Jeongin looked over at his friend, he was so deeply in love it was almost painful. 

"What about you?" Felix asked. 

"What about me?" Jeongin replied confused. 

"What do you like about Hyunjin?" Jeongin paused for a moment, unprepared for the question. 

"What isn't there to like about him," Felix snorted causing Jeongin to glare at him. " I love his singing and his rapping, I like how in his music videos and on live stages he's himself and not a character he's created in his head. I like how much he cares about his fans and always wants to know what going on in their lives. I like how he's cute and funny" 

"Funny how you didn't mention his looks" Felix commented. Jeongin chuckled at his best friend. 

"You should know, it's not what's on the outside but the inside that counts" Jeongin said. Felix laughed at this statement causing Jeongin to smile. 

"His looks are a bonus, I like him because he's a really nice person" Jeongin finished, looking back over at the basketball courts. Someone was tried to shoot at the hoop but Changbin jumped in and blocked it. He smacked the ball out of the air causing it bounce off the court and over to where the pair was sitting. Both boys looked down at the ball in surprise. An evil grin quickly spread over Jeongin's face. 

"Go give the ball to Changbin" Jeongin whispered, nudging Felix. The blond haired looked down at the ball and then back up at the court. Changbin was now walking over to collect the ball. 

"Go on" Jeongin said, giving his friend a little push. Felix stumbled to his feet and picked up the ball. He moved towards Changbin a blush slowly spreading over his cheeks. 

"Here" Felix whispered. Holding the ball out to Changbin. The dark haired boy smiled taking the ball from Felix's grasp. As he did, their hands brushed against each other causing Felix to blush more. 

"Thanks" Changbin replied. He turned to go but then stopped. 

"Ah you wouldn't like to play with us would you? we need another player" Felix looked at him, his mother open slightly. 

"I w-would love to but my friend..." Felix turned around to see Jeongin waving at him to go. "My friend says I can play with you" 

"Great!" Changbin smiled causing Felix to blush. The pair quickly moved back to the court and contuined to play basektball. Felix, being secretly good at the game, tried his best to impress Changbin, which he did a good job. 

Jeongin watched the match from the shade of the tree, a big smile on his face. He felt like a proud mother watching her son grow up. Even though Felix was older than him. 

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