Chapter 42

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The next week passed uneventfully. Although reporters still stalked the school gates, Jeongin now passed through unharmed with his faithful guard of Felix and Jisung along with most of the teaching staff. And even though on his first full day back people bombarded him with questions, now the excitement had worn off, leaving Jeongin to a semi-normal life.  

It was weird. Everything was as it was before, except he now had Jisung to spend lunchtimes with, and occasionally Changbin much to Felix's liking. But the biggest change was not having Hyunjin. It was strange. Not rushing home to watch Hyunjin's live or staying up late watching all of his live stages. It felt like a huge part of his life was missing, which it was, but Jeongin had to learn to live without it. 

It would be a memory he would cherish, that would eventually turn into a dream, then be forgotten about altogether. In the future, he would tell his co-workers that for a week he was best friends with Hyunjin, but they would laugh at the idea and, Jeongin too, one day would laugh at the idea of him being best friends with an idol. So close in fact that it was love. 

The bell rang signalling to the school that the daily torture was about to start and pulled Jeongin deep out of his thoughts. Jeongin sighed and looked around the room. It was filled with his other classmate chatting away about inane rubbish. Felix, to the side of him, was busy texting someone. A bird outside the window sang a cheery tune, perched on the stripped branch of a tree. Jeongin turned and looked out the window. It was a dove. White and pure against the late autumn blue of the sky. It sang its beck wide, out to the world. It didn't care who it disturbed, it was held by anything or anyone. It was free to think and feel what it wanted to feel. Unafraid. 

"Alright class" The teacher droned, pulling Jeongin attention back to the room. The class grumbled slightly but gave the teacher their attention. 

"I want to remind you, that in February you will be sitting your SATs, then in May, you shall be graduating" A groan erupted from the class. The teacher sighed, beginning to shift the stacks of paper around on her desk. 

"You may groan but may I remind you that the Christmas break will go quickly and before you know it the exams will be upon you, so I hope you all are prepared," The teacher said in a bored drone. The class muttered and mumbled in reply, turning to there friends and complaining about how hard life is. Felix, who hadn't been listening, leaned over and tapped Jeongin on the shoulder. 

"What's going on?" He asked in a hushed whisper, as the teacher began to cast her spell of boredom at the front of the class. 

"She was reminding us that we have SATs in February," Jeongin replied, which to be far he had completely forgotten about himself. Felix nodded his head, his mouth forming a silent oh. His phone, which had been left on the table, flashed telling the Australian that he had a message. With speed, Felix picked up his phone and began typing. Jeongin watched the blond curios. Now it was Jeongin's turn to lean over and tap his friend on the shoulder. 

"Who are you texting?" The brunette asked Innocncetly. Felix panicked. Quickly grabbing his phone and shoving it into his pocket so hard he nearly ripped a hole in it. 

"No one" Felix whispered, his voice high and squeaky. Jeongin raised an eyebrow. Felix pulled a wide fake grin across his face. 

"If you're going to lie, lie better than that, " Jeongin said, leaning back to his desk to pretend to take notes. Small beads of sweat were beginning to form on Felix's forehead. He couldn't risk exposing himself. Not now. 

"It-it really was no one" Felix lied, sweat now tricking down the side of his face. Jeongin fixed him with a hard stare, the light bounced off his glasses and shone in Felix's face. it felt like he was beginning tortured. Jeongin surveyed his friends face for a moment before turning back to the front. 

"Last time I checked, Changbin's name was not 'no one'" Jeongin smirked. Felix let out a large sigh of relief. Changbin. Why didn't he think of that? Felix slumped slightly in his chair, he was safe. for now. 

"So," Jeongin continued, his voice just above a whisper so they wouldn't get caught. "what were you two talking about?" 

"Oh you know," Felix stalled, searching his mind for a topic of conversation. "Just the basics, what movies we like, what music we listen to." 

"I thought you already knew all of Chanbin's favourite thing" Jeongin reasoned. Felix blushed madly at this and swatted his best friend's arm. 

"If he knew I knew all of his favourite things then he would find me creepy and stop talking to me" Jeongin smirked at his notes. 

"True" Jeongin smiled slightly, he liked having these chats with Felix. 

"So," Jeongin began again. "is he going to join us for lunch?" Felix froze. Uh Oh. 

"Um...." Felix began to panic again. 

"Come on," Jeongin groaned, rolling his eyes at his friend. "Don't tell me you haven't asked him" Felix let out another breath, he was glad Jeongin was doing all the hard work here. 

"Well, the thought hadn't dawned on me when I was texting him" Felix mumbled, looking down at his notes. Jeongin sighed and looked over at his friend. 

"Invite him to lunch," Jeongin said semi sternly. Felix nodded and pretended to send a text under his desk. 

Great thought Felix, I may have escaped one disaster but now I am going to have to spend a very awkward lunch with Changbin. 

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