Chapter 35

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Thunder rumbled across the city, spreading its doom and gloom as far as possible. Rain poured over the city, flooding the streets of the already waterlogged city. People ran along the street, their faces hidden in collars or under an umbrella. Some hid in bus stops, some in the reception of buildings.

The rain hammered on the side glass windows, the sound reverberating through the office. The office was lit up, due to the dark sky outside, making it feel warm and cosy. However, the room was still and silent. The air was heavy with tension as a tall middle-aged man sat across from two boys, one of which was shaking in fear.

Jeongin hadn't felt this frightened in a long time. He shook with fear and anticipation. Hyunjin sat next to him, his hand clasped tightly over the youngers, trying his best to calm him. But Hyunjin's normal calm presence wasn't working this time. It just reminded the younger that this was all his fault. And nothing could change that.

"So," The CEO  broke the silence. His voice boomed and echoed around the still office. "When I came into work this morning, I was met with the pictures of you two kissing in the rain" Jeongin shivered and looked down at his hands.

"Usually it would be fine because I can charge the company not to release the pictures. However..." The word rung in Jeongin's ears, deafening him from the surrounding. Jeongin shivered again. Hyunjin squeezed the younger's hand in an attempt to comfort the small, but this only made the younger feel as though he was going to throw up. 

"When I logged on to the computer I saw the pictures all over the internet." Jeongin shut his eyes tight, willing the tears not to fall. It was all his fault and he knew it.

"We are going to sue the company," The CEO continued, not noticing the extreme anxiety that was slowly devouring the small boy. "But in the meantime, we will need to release a statement about these photos" 

The CEO paused for a moment to survey the scene in front of him. Of course, Hyunjin was sat upright listening to every word that was spoken. But Jeongin looked as though he was about to cry, which he was. The CEO felt a pang of guilt in his chest looking at the boy, he knew what was about to happen would hurt him, but he didn't mean it. In all honesty, the CEO like Hyunjin, he was so happy when he heard that the idol had found a friend. An uneasy air fell upon the room and the CEO cleared his throat and began to speak again. 

"The best option would be to deny the rumours and say that they have the wrong person, but that would mean you aren't allowed to see each other." 


Hyunjin, who had been silent this entire time, suddenly burst into life, making both the CEO and Jeongin jump. The idol was on his feet, staring down at the CEO as though he just suggested he would have to kill the younger. 

"You can't do that" Hyunjin argued. The CEO sighed and gestured for the idol to sit down, which Hyunjin promptly ignored. 

"If you listen, I said it was one of the options," The CEO rubbed his head and stood up. "I have a meeting now, you two have two hours to decide what we are going to tell the press. dismissed." With that, the CEO turned and walked back to his desk. Hyunjin let out an angry huff, grabbed Jeongin's hand and marched them out the room. 

The large double doors banged behind them and Hyunjin stormed his way through the building dragging Jeongin behind him. All Jeongin could do was follow, he felt if he spoke his breakfast may come up to greet him again.  After a few minutes of marching, they arrived at a small studio, which Hyunjin quickly flung the door open and pulled them in. Once they were alone, Hyunjin let out a sigh and flopped onto the sofa behind them. 

"Can you believe that man!" Hyunjin exclaimed to the ceiling. "Suggest we split up, is he crazy?!" 

"haha yeh" Jeongin replied not looking at the idol. Hyunjin looked over at the Burnett and sighed. Jeongin's eyes were tinted red and his hands still hadn't stopped trembling. 

"We are going to get through this" Hyunjin said, breaking the silence that had fallen on the room. Jeongin looked up at Hyunjin, his eyes sparkling with unshed tears. "Whatever happens I'm not going to let you go" 

Jeongin felt his heart skip a beat. Hyunjin always knew what to say, always knew what to do. Jeongin admired that in him. But for once this wasn't his decision. This was Jeongin's mess, so it was his job to clean it up again. 

Jeongin let out a sighed and walked over to the sofa. Hyunjin's eyes followed him across the room but he didn't dare move. Jeongin lied down, rested his head on the idols lap and closed his eyes. His brain was spinning, he needed a minute just to relax. To relish in these last few moments of bliss. 

"Jeongin I-"

"Don't" Jeongin whispered. "Just leave it, for now, let me enjoy these time when it can be just the two of us" Jeongin smiled sadly and looked up into Hyunjin's face. The idol smiled and gently ran his hand through the youngers hair.

"Ok" Hyunjin replied.

Jeongin smiled and closed his eyes. A feeling of sadness began to slip into his stomach, as the younger thought of what's to come. He knew it would have to happen eventually he just hoped it wouldn't be so soon.

The storm continued to rage outside, but the worst was just about to come.

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