Chapter 10

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Jeongin had no idea what had happen to lead to this current point in time.

The small burnett was currently sat next to Hyunjin, someone who he idolised and loved with his whole heart, in a car speeding towards the idol's house where he would spend the night. It was too crazy to be real. 

Hyunjin was busy talking to Woojin about something, filling the with noise. Jeongin was glad that for moment not all the attention was him. It gave him time to think. Jeongin let out a long breath and rested his head against the window. He stared out at the darkness broken by the occasional street light. The cool glass helped to ease the boy's spinning mind. The Burnett closes his eyes, enjoying the  peace he has for the moment.

"We're here!" Hyunjin called, pulling Jeongin out of his thoughts. The small boy leaned up against the window to see a large house in front of him. The bottom was surround with a thin layer of shrubbery, to give the idol some privacy. Suddenly Jeongin's car swung open revealing a smiling Hyunjin. 

"You coming?" The idol grinned. All Jeongin could do was nod before he was dragged from the car. Jeongin stumbled out of the car, nearly falling over, and was quickly dragged to the front of the house. Hyunjin almost punched the keypad on the door in his excited but managed to open the door without breaking it.  

"Welcome!" Hyunjin yelled, flinging the door open. Jeongin's jaw dropped. He new Hyunjin was rich but not this rich. A large spacus living room stretched out in front of the pair. A large TV mounted on the wall over a fireplace, a long white sofa lying in front of it. The room seemed to sparkle almost like it had never been touched.

Hyunjin quickly ran passed the smaller and divided on the pristine sofa, his head burried into the cushions. Jeongin giggled at the sight and tentatively made his way into the house, his shoes abandoned at the door.

"Now, don't stay up too late, Hyunjin you've worked hard and need to rest," Woojin said, bringing the idol's bags in from the car. "You don't have a schedule tomorrow but that doesn't mean you can sleep all day." A groan came from the sofa cushion where Hyunjin's head was. Woojin just sighed and placed the  bags on the coffee table located in front of the sofa.

"I swear I'm more like his dad than his manager" Woojin mumbled, causing Jeongin to giggled. The sound pulled Hyunjin's head out the cushion to look at the smaller. The Burnett on smiled and turned to look at Woojin. 

"Goodbye children, don't kill yourselves" Woojin called as he left the house. The door closed with a click leaving a deafening silence in the room. Jeongin looked down at his hands, not really knowing what to do with himself. He felt like he was intruding, rather than being a guest.

"So," Hyunjin said getting off the sofa. "What would you like to do?"

"I don't mind" Jeongin mumbled, not looking up.

"Cute" Hyunjin mumbled. The idol looked at the small boy in front of him. Cute was definitely the right word to describe him. His glasses perched on the end of his nose made his dark eyes glitter in the light. His wavy brown sat in layers on his head, making it look like he had little fox ears.

The Burnett looked up slightly to see Hyunjin standing close to him, staring deeply at his face. Jeongin blushed at the attention and quickly looked away. This seemed to break Hyunjin out of the small trance he was.

"Anyway, I need a shower..." Hyunjin mumbled, looking away trying to hide the light blush the had spread across his cheeks.

"The kitchen is through that door, help yourself to food, I won't be too long" Hyunjin pointed the a pair of glass door before quickly scurrying off down a corridor in the opposite direction. Jeongin was left standing the middle of the living not knowing what to do.

After about 20 minutes Hyunjin returned from his shower: pyjama clad, wet haired. He walked down the corridor, a towel round his neck, and headed for the kitchen. He opened the glass doors to find the room empty and untouched. The idol frowned.

"Was he not hungry?" Hyunjin mumbled closing the doors again. He turned around the see a mop of messy brown hair sticking out the end of the sofa. Jeongin was asleep on the sofa. Hyunjin and walked over to the and gently shock him awake.

"Jeongin, you need to change and to sleep in a proper bed" Hyunjin said softly. Jeongin hummed and opened his eyes to stare directly into Hyunjin's. Once again and a blush made its way across the smaller face. Jeongin quickly sat up looking away from the idol. Hyunjin chuckled and stood up.

"This way, I'll find you some clothes to change into" Hyunjin said walking off the down the corridor. Jeongin scrambled to his feet and followed behind the idol like a lot puppy.

The pair entered a large room, dimly lit, a large king sizes bed in the center of the room facing a pair of glass doors hidden by a pair of thick curtains. Hyunjin made his was over to a sliding which lead to a walk in wardrobe. The idol disappeared in side for a moment then emerged holding some cloths.

"There's a bathroom oppoist you can change in," Hyunjin said, handing the clothes to Jeongin. "I hope you are ok with sharing a bed I don't have a spare on" Jeongin only nodded before turning and leaving the room. Hyunjin sighed and crawled into the bed. He hoped he wasn't scaring the boy.

A couple minutes later Jeongin re-appeared dressed in Hyunjin's clothes. They were far to big for him, making him look like he could fit in your pocket. Hyunjin internally uwued at the boy as he made his way across the room. Jeongin quietly took of his glasses and carefully placed the on the bedside table then slipped into crisp white sheets and lay awkwardly on the edge of the bed  not wanting to get to close.

"Well goodnight then" Hyunjin said laying back.

"Goodnight" Jeongin replied softly. The room filled with silence. It was clear that neither of the boys could sleep, even after a eventful day, but neither of them would admit it. After a few minutes, which felt like a few hours,  Jeongin broke the silence.

"Hyunjin?" The idol hummed in reply

"Can i ask you something?" Jeongin asked in a small voice.

"Sure" Hyunjin replied, rolling onto his side to look at the Burnett. Jeongin took a deep breath and stared intent up at the ceiling.

"Why are you doing this?"

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