Chapter 12

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"You have my number right?" Hyunjin asked concerned. 

"Yes I have your number" Jeongin reassured. 

"Call me if anything goes wrong" Hyunjin continued. The pair were currently parked outside of Jeongin's apartment building. Hyunjin was concerned that Jeongin was going to be home alone from a while but the younger kept on insisting that it was fine.

"I have been home alone before, my mum is a nurse, so i anything happens i will be fine. Don't worry" Jeongin said softly. Hyunjin sighed and stared out the window a the dull grey building they were parked in front off. 

"Do you have to go?" Hyunjin pouted. Jeongin chuckled and picked up his bag from the bottom of the car.  

"Yes because my mum will be home soon and if she sees i'm not there she will freak" Jeongin reasoned. The Burnett opened the car door and stepped out into the street. Hyunjin waved forlornly from the car and watched the smaller making his way into the building and disappeared behind the glass doors. 

Once out of sight of the street Jeongin let out a sigh and began to clime the stairs to his apartment. He was tried, even though got a descent nights sleep, he got a massive shock when he woke up to find Hyunjin's face centimetres away from his and one of the idol's arms wrapped loosely around his waist. If that wasn't enough, Hyunjin insisted on giving Jeongin some fresh clothes to wear, which cost more than a months rent, Jeongin made a mental note to hide the clothes so him mum never questioned where they came from. 

Jeongin fished around in his bag for a moment before pulling out a pair of key. With what seemed to be a huge amount of effort, Jeongin put the keys in the lock and opened the door. He slipped off his shoe and made a b-line for the sofa, discarding his glasses somewhere next to the sofa and falling face first into the cushions. Jeongin  was just about to fall back to sleep when his phone buzzed loudly, breaking the peaceful silence of the apartment.

 The small boy groaned and grabbed his phone. It was probably Felix or his mum, the only two people who messaged him.  Jeongin squinted at the screen, his vision blurred from the lack of glasses. 

Did you get in safe??? I miss you already

Jeongin read the message and smiled. He never imagined from the day he found Hyunjin, in the depths of the internet, that he would get to be friends with the idol. It seemed more like a silly dream. 

All safe and sound, make sure to get lots of rest you worked hard last night. 

I will, don't worry

Jeongin smiled and turned off his phone. He closed his eyes and and let sleep wash over him again. As the small boy drifted into a deep sleep, he couldn't help but feel sorry for the idol. Fame effects everyone different, and in Hyunjin case it left him lonely. 


Soon enough Monday morning rolled around and Jeongin once again rolled out of bed and got ready for school. He had ended up spending the whole of Sunday asleep on the sofa and only woke up to eat. So a day well spent in the Jeongin's eyes. 

"Morning" his mother greeted from the kitchen. 

"Morning" Jeongin yawned. His mother smiled and pushed a bowl of cereal towards him. The young boy gladly excepted the food and began eating. 

"Did you sleep well?" His mother joked, beginning to eat her own food. 

"Slept like a baby" Jeongin replied. The pair fell into silence for a moment while they were absorbed in their food. 

"How was the concert?" His mother asked, breaking the silence. Jeongin froze. he couldn't tell his mum that he spent the night at Hyunjin's, she would freak out. Jeongin gulped and slowly looked up. 

"It was good, I had a really good time" Jeongin replied, gripping his spoon tightly. His mother smiled brightly at this. 

"I'm so glad, did you start panicking at all?" His mother asked, concern filling her eyes. Immediately Jeongin flashed back to the end of the concert where he was trapped on the floor until Hyunjin recused him. 

"I was starting to panic at the start but then it started and i was fine. At the end i left early to avoid crowds so i didn't die" Jeongin lied. His mother let out a long sigh and sat back in her chair. 

"I'm glad, i was worried about that night because i thought something bad was going to happen but i'm glad it worked out" Jeongin just smiled and nodded. He couldn't help but feel guilty about lying to his mother. He would always tell her everything, this would be one of the first times he lied to her and he felt awful. 

"Well I'm going to bed, have a good day sweetie" His mother said standing up from the table. 

"You too" Jeongin replied quietly. He watched his mother make her way down the corridor and into her room before and grabbed his bag and headed off to school. Just as the door to the apartment shut, Jeongin's phone buzzed. The boy pulled it out and looked at the message. He couldn't help but smile as he made his way to school, all guilt forgotten. 

Good morning!! Have a lovely day my best friend!!

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