Chapter 17

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Buzz  Buzz  Buzz

Jeongin groaned and threw his arm out to the side, in the hope he would find his phone. Inset his arm landed on the shoulder of the person lying next to him. Confused, Jeongin slowly opened his eyes to see who was sleeping next to him. Jeongin squinted for a moment, the light rushing in through the curtains making the person in front of him look as though they were glowing. After a moment, Jeongin's eyes adjust to reveal the moment beautiful sight. Hyunjin fast asleep. 

Hyunjin's black hair tumbled over his face, the odd stream of light dodging through his hair and lighting up his face. The blanket draped over his arm, slowly slipping with the gentle rise and fall of his chest. 

Jeongin couldn't breathe. The sight in front of him was so beautiful the air seemed to get stuck in his chest.  His black hair tumbled down his face, catching in his eyes making his nose scrunch cutely. Jeongin smiled looking at the beautiful view in front of him. 

Buzz  Buzz  Buzz 

The noise of the phone broke Jeongin out of his trance. As carefully as he could Jeongin leaned of Hyunjin to grab his phone. Still a good mood from the morning greeting Jeongin opened his phone and froze. 

"Crap!" Jeongin yelled, sitting bolt upright in bed. Hyunjin groaned and sat up as well, rubbing his eyes cutely. 

"What's wrong?" Hyunjin asked, his voice deep and horas. But Jeongin was into much of a panic to notice the sound. By the time Hyunjin asked the question, Jeongin was already off on the other side of the room, pulling his school uniform out of his wardrobe. 

"I overslept and I'm going to be late for school!" Jeongin yelled as he slammed the bathroom door shut. Hyunjin stared at the door, bewildered.  The idol, still half asleep, slowly untangled himself from the blankets and shuffled his way over to the closed bathroom door. 

"Jeongin? are you ok?" Hyunjin asked the door. Just as the question left his lips the door sprung open to reveal a panicked Jeongin. His hair was stuck up in odd directions from sleeping and his uniform was crumpled and messed. 

"I'm late for school!" Jeongin yelled into Hyunjin's face. The idol stumbled back at the loud noise and made way for the rushed student. Jeongin sprinted out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. 

Hyunjin watched as the small boy rushed around the room gathering all the things he needed. Hyunjin couldn't help but smile, although the poor boy was stressed out of his mind, still Jeongin managed to look cute. Hyunjin sighed and walked into the living room of the small apartment. A light wind rattled the window that the pair had left open last night. The idol sighed, today was going to be a cold and he couldn't let Jeongin go out without a coat. 

"Watch out!" Jeongin yelled as he came speeding through the room. The boy skidded on the floor and stopped just in front of the door. 

"Let yourself out when you want to, my mum will be back around midday," Jeongin said, hopping on one foot pulling on a shoe. The younger swung the door open and swung his bag over his shoulder. 

"Wait" Hyunjin called. The younger paused, confusion written all over his face. Hyunjin quickly pulled his coat off a hook, that had been hanging next to the door, and wrapped around Jeongin's shoulders. 

"You may be in a rush but I won't let you catch a cold" Hyunjin said, fastening the coat around the younger. Jeongin smiled and quickly turned and ran out of view. The younger was in so much of a rush, he didn't even notice the blush that had spread across his face. Hyunjin watched the younger until he was out of sight before slowly closing the door. He let out a sigh and leaned against the door. Images from the night before flashed into his mind. 

After Hyunjin's nose stopped bleeding, the pair set up camp in front of the TV. The bowls of the popcorn and instant ramen were left abandoned on the floor where they left them. They didn't know how long they spent watching movies and chatting but Hyunjin didn't care. It was one of the first times in his life he felt like a normal person. Just watching films, laughing, chatting, it was easily one of the best evenings he had ever had. 

The night had ended with Jeongin falling asleep on Hyunjin's shoulder. The idol only spent a "couple" minutes watching the younger sleep peacefully and appearing everything about the small boy. Hyunjin had carried the younger to bed and ended up sleeping next to the boy, totally on accident. 

Hyunjin sat on the sofa and sighed. He didn't want to go home, Jeongin's home was so much more welcoming than his own. But he knew he would have to move some time. With a sigh, Hyunjin pushed himself off the sofa and started to get ready. 

Meanwhile at Jeongin's high school... 

"S-sorry I'm late" Jeongin panted, standing in the doorway of the classroom. The teacher raised her eyebrow and gestured to his seat. Jeongin bowed his head and hurried to the back. As he did, all eyes followed him to the back of the room. The teacher started talking again and all the student's heads turned back to the front. every now and then a classmate would turn and look at Jeongin. 

"Why is everyone looking at me?" Jeongin whispered to Felix as he unzipped his jacket. 

"That's because you walked in wearing a £2,000 jacket" Felix whispered in reply. 

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