Chapter 6

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"Jeongin" His mum called. The brown-haired boy jumped up from the sofa he was sitting on and walked over to the door. His mum stood in her nurses uniformed carefully pulling on her shoes.

"Now are you sure you are ok with the bus," She said standing up to look her son in the eye.

"Yes, I get on the 21B from outside our house and ride it till the stadium" Jeongin replied, smiling at his mum.

"And don't forget the last bus is at 10:45 as you need to be quick out of the concert" His mother reminded. Jeongin nodded and rocked back an forth on his toes. His mum raised a hand and gently cupped her son's cheek.

"My baby's all grown up" She sniffed. Jeongin giggled and pushed her hand away.

"I'm nearly 18, I haven't been a baby for a long time" His mum rolled her eyes and pulled open the door.

"See you tomorrow, have a good night" She called closing the door behind her.

The apartment filled with silence once the door closed. Jeongin walked back into the apartment and glanced at the clock. He had an hour till he needed to leave. Jeongin walked back to his room and stared at himself in the mirror. Butterflies were slowly filling his stomach, he was so nervous about the concert he couldn't focus on anything.

Jeongin sighed and looked at his outfit. He wanted to make an effort but didn't want to go over the top. He had a large orange jumper on over a long white shirt, paired with ripped blue jeans. It wasn't too extravagant but it looked nice. Jeongin ran a hand through his wavy brown hair, he should do something with it but it would take to long to try and tame it.

"This will have to do" Jeongin sighed and turned away from the mirror

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"This will have to do" Jeongin sighed and turned away from the mirror.  Although it was only 4 in the afternoon, the sun was already dipping behind the city filling it with a rich golden light. It flooded Jeongin's room with warm orange light, giving his small room a fiery quality. 

Jeongin sat down at his desk, placed in front of his window and stared out at the city. A steady flow of cars passed by on the road below, people heading home or heading out for the evening. The young boy tapped his finger on the desk impatiently, willing the seconds to go by. 

Having enough, Jeongin stood up from his desk and walked back into the kitchen. He grabbed his ticket and phone and stared up at the clock. Barely 10 minutes had passed since his mum left. The brown-haired boy let out a sigh and pulled a pair of shoes out of the cupboard by the door. 

"There's nothing wrong with getting there a couple minutes early" He mumbled to himself. He looked back at the apartment, making sure all the lights were off. He grabbed his keys from the sideboard and left the apartment. 

Jeongin half walked, half ran, down the stairs to the lobby. Excitement and nerves were slowly bubbling inside him. Once out on the street, the young boy skipped his way to the bus stop. He couldn't wait. 

Time seemed to slow down for Jeongin. After what seemed like an hour, which was 3 minutes, the bus arrived and Jeongin hurried on. Once on the bus, it seemed to take days for them to arrive at the stadium, once again was on about 20 minutes. 

As the bus slowed to a stop, Jeongin suddenly became glad that he had left early. The entrance to the stadium was packed with people. A massive crowd surrounded the doors to the area. Jeongin gulped. Suddenly the concert seemed like a very bad idea. The small boy took deep breaths to try and calm his pounding heart. 

"You can do this Jeongin" He muttered to himself. He gripped his ticket tightly and stepped forward into the hoard of people. As he walked his legs began to shake as more people appeared around him but he kept moving, because if he stopped then he would probably collapse. 

After about 15 minutes of walked, Jeongin arrived at what seemed to be the entrance to the standing area. For a moment he dared to stop but just as he did the doors in front of him opened and the crowded stampeded forward. Terrified, Jeongin ran with the crowd not wanting to get trampled. As suddenly as the crowd moved in stopped. The poor boy nearly ran into the people in front of him. 

Breathing heavily, the brown-haired boy looked around him. He was in the standing area in one of Korea's biggest stadiums and surrounded by thousands of people. Upon the sides, people were slowly filling up the seat, towering way above him. Suddenly his phone buzzed causing him to look down 


enjoy the concert! 

Jeongin smiled, a tiny piece of comfort in a time of panic. Feeling a surge of confidence Jeongin looked around him. 

Bad idea. 

Never in his nearly 18 years of living had he felt so small. Like an ant being trapped in a herd of elephants, ready to trample him at any second. His breathing began to speed up. The sound around him seemed to grow. Screams and yells were filling his brain, making his head pound. The poor boy spun around frantically, looking for a way out. He couldn't do it. He didn't know how he ever thought he could. 

Panicked, the boy turned back to the stage to see if there was a way out but all he saw was more people. His head began to spin he felt like he was going to faint. 

Suddenly the screams increased, 

then died altogether 


the whole stadium went black. 

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